'Bachelor' Season 27-Star Zach Shallcross And Jess Girod React To Dating Theories

'Bachelor' Season 27-Star Zach Shallcross And Jess Girod React To Dating Theories

Updated on March 30, 2023 17:53 PM by Andrew Koschiev

After getting engaged during the ABC show's finale on Monday, March 27, Zach, 26, and Kaity, 28, visited the "Chicks In the Office" podcast on Tuesday, March 28, and watched the apology video shared by co-host Ria Ciuffo on Friday, March 24 after he and Kaity first shared the theory. In an Instagram post on Friday, Ria said, "This might be true, but I'm not sure. I just heard that nobody else has heard it."

The couple's interview with Fran Mariano

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Zach ended his engagement with Kaity, and now he is with Jess, who I believe is one of the girls. The girl who loves Taylor Swift and body glitter is Jess. She even posted a clip of them together at the Women Tell All. I wonder if this is true. No way will ever happen, he said.

In an interview with co-host Fran Mariano on Tuesday, the couple said they were grateful for the apology. She apologized and made a video of her act, which I appreciated considering all the conspiracy theories that seem to happen daily.

Her wording in the video

In response, Jess, 23, made a TikTok explaining that she was not 5'2, but rather 5'3. Despite the rumor of WHO being with me, I did not even get a date with him. Next." she wrote along with the video. It was mostly the nerves that came through week after week because I didn't see her comfort, and I couldn't relax with her at all. I was afraid she wouldn't feel comfortable having a one-on-one with me when we were together for a whole day, and that's tough. Ultimately, there needed to be better communication about how she would feel more comfortable or open with the one-on-one. I liked her, and I had no idea she would leave. We both felt frustrated, and we both missed each other.

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