On The Day Of Thanksgiving, Alex Stratman Is Grateful For Apple Pie, eBay, And Yankee Baseball

On The Day Of Thanksgiving, Alex Stratman Is Grateful For Apple Pie, eBay, And Yankee Baseball

Updated on November 25, 2022 11:05 AM by Michael Davis

Alex Stratman is a huge fan of sports and a collector of sports items. He is thankful for a Yankees Baseball he caught in 2008. He said Mariano Rivera came in late to close the game and threw the ball into the stands. I was taller than everybody around me and got lucky.

Baseball is a treasure of life

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Alex spoke about all the things he is Thankful for, be it apple pie, eBay, or Baseball.
Give me apple pie all day long, especially when it's hot and straight out of the oven. That's just my go-to. Easily my favorite, Alex Stratman says.

When I was a kid, my mom made apple pie for me and pumpkin for everyone else, "Alex explained. "I guess that has just carried over from my childhood and brings back great memories."

So on Thanksgiving, Straatmann is thankful for more than just an apple pie.

Alex became the chief compliance officer at UNK. He has been working as a director of Constituent Services for Congressman Adrian Smith.
Straatman is an active member of the U.S. Army Reserve. He has also been the president of Kearney Public Schools Board of Education.

In his thanksgiving Speech, Alex Straatman said, "Coming to UNK has been great. There's something magical about being on a college campus. To be here, where I graduated 22 years ago, is special. I appreciate UNK and being part of everything that goes on here to enhance the student experience.

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Alex Stratman added

There is a particular religion and way he celebrates Thanksgiving. Alex runs into the 
YMCA Turkey Trot with his family as a tradition before lunch. For the last six years, he has been joined by his wife, sister-in-law Amanda, her husband, and family members.

Place on Campus

At the Fine Arts Recital Hall, his Uncle Verle Straatmann has performed there several times. Alex goes there for Holiday concerts. This time, Wes Hird and Jim Gustafson joined him, making ten recital hall specials.

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Thankful for the Mentors

Alex Straatmann is thankful for all the coaches but mainly three. Roger Mathiesen, his high school coach. He says Roger pushed him to be a better Atletee when Alex didn't believe in himself.
Dr. Peter Logo, Alex's pre-law advisor at UNK. He spoke about how deeply grateful he was to Peter for creating amazing opportunities for him during his tenure.
Last but not least, Adrain Smith was the Congressman who taught Alex to be an honest and kind public servant. These three people have a deep impact on Alex Straatman's life, and he gives thanks to them on this Thanksgiving day.

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eBay and Mobile Apps

Since Alex Straatmann loves sports and collecting sports items, he is grateful for eBay as he finds unique sports memorabilia. His cousin Scott pitched in the 1989 World series; hence Alex has a journey signed by him which he purchased on eBay.

Military exposure

Alex Straatmann has served for 14 years in the U.S. Army Reserve. So Alex thanks all the military servants who are helping and serving the country without being able to connect to their families on this special occasion.

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The memory of Sports

Alex Straatmann is a huge baseball fan. He caught a baseball from Mariano Rivera. In 2008 Alex found a bleacher ticket behind the Yankee bullpen. There were 12 tickets sold at $260.
Mariana Rivera came in late to close the game, and Alex, taller than anyone, caught the ball. Hence Alex states that the ball is the biggest treasure in life.

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Hotels and Restaurants

Alex  Straatmann is a foodie and loves eating Hungarian goulash and apple strudel from Edelweiss German Restaurant in Colorado Springs, Colorado. You can also get the special German beer here. Hobbies and pastimes
Alex Straatmann also loves to travel with his wife, Kim. He loves to travel to international places with her, and he is extremely thankful for being able to do that. The two love to escape city noises and travel the world.

To Conclude

Alex Straatmann is giving thanks for the little and being things in life, be it an apple pie or collecting sports memorabilia. It is fascinating to hear stories of a grateful heart.

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