Ariana Grande Reportedly Hung Out With Rumored Boyfriend Ethan Slater's Wife Lilly Jay at Their House

Ariana Grande Reportedly Hung Out With Rumored Boyfriend Ethan Slater's Wife Lilly Jay at Their House

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Ariana Grande, also known as Ariana Grande-Butera, was born on June 26,  1993, in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. She is a popular American pop singer and actress who gained a lot of attention in the early 2010s. Ariana Grande has  a very impressive singing range, being able to hit high and low notes across  four octaves. 

Publicity Journey of Popular Singer Ariana Grande

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In 2010, she got a big opportunity when she got a part on a TV show called  Victorious. She acted as a character named Cat Valentine, who was a  teenager going to a school for performing arts. After the funny TV show  ended in 2013, she acted in another show called Sam & Cat from 2013 to  2014. While working towards becoming an actress, Grande became very  good at singing. 

Dating Rumors of Ariana Grande 

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A lot of people are talking about Ariana Grande right now because they  might be dating her coworker from the musical Wicked, Ethan Slater

The news about the connection between the two people became public  shortly after everyone found out that Grande was breaking up with her  husband, Dalton Gomez, whom she had been married to for two years. This  made fans wonder about the specific order of these events. 

People are really bothered about the relationship between Grande and  Slater because no one has confirmed if it is true or not. This is particularly  surprising because the actor, who is famous for playing SpongeBob  SquarePants in the Broadway musical, already has an 11-month-old baby  with his wife of almost five years, Lilly Jay. Slater and Jay were boyfriend  and girlfriend in high school. 

Sorry, but right now most of the information we have about Grande and  Slater is based on what people have said, and we haven't checked it yet. So,

it might not be true and we shouldn't believe it completely. However, here  is some information that we have learned up until now. 

In April, someone told a gossip website called DeuxMoi about meeting  Gomez by chance. They said they met him and his friends a month ago and  he was really kind. He seemed really happy and excited when talking about  his wife. He said he was with her for 5 months but had to return for work. 

DeuxMoi posted this quote after hearing that Gomez and Grande have been apart since January. However, even if they broke up in March, it is doubtful that Gomez would have shared this information with someone they don't  know well, so we can't conclude anything from this. DeuxMoi received  information from another source who confirmed that Slater and Jay were  not physically separated.For 6 months, it has been occurring without Lilly's knowledge. Finally, a person on the movie set informed her two weeks ago,  but it's unclear who exactly told her. Ariana established a companionship  with Lilly, which led to her spending more time at their place. She played  with their baby while this was happening. 

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Once again, I want to remind you that we really have no idea if any of this  is true. We know for sure that Jay spoke up last week and said, "Ariana is  the most important thing. " Not someone who gets along well with other  girls. My family is being harmed as a result of something else. 

So no matter what happened, we know that Jay has been emotionally  harmed by everything that has occurred, and that the situation has  something to do with Grande. 

Recently, someone told Us Weekly that Ethan talked to Lilly a few days  before the news came out about him and Ariana. He told her that he  wanted to get a divorce. Lilly was caught by surprise and did not anticipate  it happening. 

Another person said that Slater and Jay were not together when Slater and  Grande started dating, and their relationship is new.Who has knowledge  about something. I don't

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