Anderson Cooper Is Still Embarrassed, By His Dance Performance, Alongside Madonna

Anderson Cooper Is Still Embarrassed, By His Dance Performance, Alongside Madonna

Updated on September 01, 2023 15:00 PM by Evelyn Mia

Anderson Cooper Is Still Embarrassed, By His Dance Performance, Alongside Madonna

(Anderson Cooper Is Still Embarrassed, By His Dance Performance, Alongside Madonna Image Credits: Rolling Stone)

Sharing the Stage 

After recovering from a health scare that caused a delay, in her world tour the renowned pop star Madonna is now preparing to go on the road. However despite the fact that many celebrities may join her on stage for appearances it appears that journalist and celebrity Anderson Cooper won't be one of them. It seems he is still haunted by his experience sharing the stage with Madonna.

Cooper and Madonna have been close for quite some time. In fact a decade ago she gave an interview to him and in 2013 they even had a moment together on stage at the GLAAD awards.

During Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour two years later at Barclays Center she invited Cooper to join her during her performance of  Bitch. During this act he danced alongside her, received a spanking and humping gesture and even indulged in a suggestively presented banana. This performance garnered attention at the time. Was even acknowledged by Cooper himself on Facebook where he enthusiastically described it as an amazing night at Madonna's concert and expressed his joy about dancing on stage with her.

Anderson Cooper has conflicting emotions, about the time he briefly joined Madonna on stage.

The renowned CNN anchor happened to be among the audience at Brooklyn's Barclays Center in 2015 when the iconic Queen of Pop invited him for a dance during her Rebel Heart tour performance.

During an episode of Kelly Ripas Sirius XM podcast Let's Talk Off Camera  the close friends had a conversation about Cooper's stage shyness.

Roller Coaster of  Emotions 

Roller Coaster of Emotions

(Roller Coaster of Emotions Image Credits: Attitude)

I must admit I was quite embarrassed,  confessed Cooper. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the concept as a whole. I wasn't thrilled with how it turned out on video. The reality didn't match my expectations.

Madonna playfully involved Cooper while she was performing her song Bitch, playfully bossing him around in front of the crowd.

I had no clue what was happening. I was terrible at dancing,  admitted Cooper, acknowledging that Madonna effortlessly commands the stage.

We often witness performers making it all seem effortless and natural on these stages he remarked. The way they dance, run and gracefully move across the stage—it appears organic. I was like 'Should I skip?  Madonna gave Copper a banana at some point during the show.

I peeled it and began eating the banana and out of nowhere I started descending on this electronic platform disappearing from the stage while still munching on the banana,  Cooper reminisced. Honestly, now I'm clueless about what happened.

Years later the famous pop star playfully teased her friend Cooper about his stage presence during a December 2017 episode of the talk show Live With Kelly and Ryan.

There's something I want to bring up that you weren't exactly a pro at,  Madonna remarked, putting Cooper on the spot. I remember dancing with you at nightclubs, where you were so carefree and cool. But then when you stepped onto the stage I was like 'Who is this person?'

However it seems that Cooper might have an opportunity to redeem himself in the future.

The iconic singer of Lucky Star will be resuming her Celebration Tour in London this October. The tour had to be postponed over the summer due to an infection that landed her in the hospital.

Kelly Ripa also shared her reaction to the event stating I was cheering like a supporter saying 'you're doing great!' It's fascinating  responded Madonna, how some individuals who are constantly, in front of cameras can become slightly timid when they step onto the stage. If Cooper ever finds himself performing alongside a music icon in the future he might want to take Madonna's wisdom to heart and envision the audience not as individuals as we often hear advice given but as dedicated camera operators prepared to capture any noteworthy moments or breaking news.

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