8 Most Memorable Moments from Blockbuster Night of BLACKPINK’s Encore Stadium

8 Most Memorable Moments from Blockbuster Night of BLACKPINK’s Encore Stadium

Updated on August 14, 2023 15:39 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Setting the Stage

(Setting the Stage/ImageCredits:IndiaMART)

Have you ever wondered what happens when music takes new challenges and blends with fashion and hype on social media? That night was exactly a depiction of that when right after 9 p.m stadium’s lights were shut to light up the night with the bright stars of Blackpink. K-pop group focused on delivering stadium-sized sort of hits rather than their other setlist edits. Referring to their fans as BLINKS Jennie keeps shouting “BLACKPINKS AND BLINKS FOREVER ❤ ️” throughout the performance to keep the energies of their fans high.

An Evening of Memorable Events

(An Evening of Memorable Events/ImageCredits:Rhubarb HospitalityCollection)

At New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium Blackpink drew 8 must known moments not only for their audience present but for their BLINKS all over the world watching them live or catching up to their incredible posts and stories. As listed below:

  1.   The Explosive Opening. ...
  2. 'All Eyes' on Jisoo's Debut Performance. ...
  3. Lisa's Endless Energy. ...
  4. The Band's Spotlight in 'Playing With Fire' ...
  5. The 7th Anniversary Cake. ...
  6. Rosé's Sentimental Story Time. ...
  7. Jennie's Sweet Words for BLINKs.
  8.   The Funny, Failed Finale Poll

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Cheers and Tears With BLINKS

(Cheers and Tears With BLINKS/ImageCredits:cdgdbentre)

Jisso startled the crowd with her first performance during the solo gig’s of the setlist. When she at the center of the stage shouted “ALL EYES ON ME” and all her dancers were frosty looking at her, that was a sight of choreography. Lissa shouting out “Let’s go Jennie” and other cheering words was so insightful and penetrating into the hearts of fans. After saying, "It's been quite a ride..." Jisoo gently told her, "Don't cry." Rosé told the audience how she had shed tears before when thinking about BLACKPINK's seven years together. In the background, she heard Born Pink's "The Happiest Girl" playing while reminiscing on her pride in the group. Even the fans' favorite B-side was sung by the four.

Diversity in Music: More than Pop

(Diversity in Music: More than Pop/ImageCredits:UlzzaKoreanNews)

When Artists bring a live band that was a rare but much admirable treat in k-pop concerts. Unlike most Korean-pop productions that use backing tracks, BLACKPINK's first In Your Area world tour started in 2018 was accompanied by a full band. "Playing With Fire" was the perfect example of how a live band can elevate a song.

An Encore That's Worth Celebrating

(An Encore That's Worth Celebrating/ImageCredits:Orlando Sentinel)

It was BLACKPINK's seventh anniversary on August 8, 2023, and with the MetLife concert marking the group's first show since the milestone, it was only natural to celebrate - with cake!

At the end of the show, they received a four-tiered black and pink cake decorated with bows, flowers, and cartoon renderings. The group seemed genuinely touched by the gesture (making sure to include the cake when they posed for a group photo with the stadium audience behind them) and appreciated the details put into the dessert (Jisoo and Lisa removed some decorative rosettes from the top of the cake and danced the viral choreography of the former's "Flower").

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