Top 10 What the F*** Rituals around the world that will scare you

Top 10 What the F*** Rituals around the world that will scare you

Updated on August 25, 2022 11:35 AM by Anna P

Not all countries are the same, as every country has a different culture, different traditions, and different ethnicity of people, and so are their beliefs. Questioning other cultures' beliefs is not advised, but still, many scary rituals make us question what the F*** made them follow the ritual. Even though we have come from a long range of civilizations, some communities are locked in following their age-old traditions. 

Many of these rituals are scary and dangerous for those who practice but still, even in this 21st century, these rituals keep being practiced, and that intrigues other people worldwide. 

And here we have ten such scary rituals that are practiced worldwide; please be careful about the graphic photos in this article. 

Night hunting is a tradition in Bhutan

This Night hunting is also called by the name Bomena which means "Going towards a girl." The boys enter a girl's house at night without any prior discussion and have a courtship with the girl. Through this ritual, the girl and the boy become wife and husband, respectively, and they get married. This ritual starts in the morning and is natively called Jai da jong, meaning "coming to the surface" when the boy is found on the girl's bed, declaring them as husband and wife. 

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Does this ritual happen by force?

In this ritual, the boy expresses his desire to visit the girl. The girl sleeps in the same room as her parents. Once her parents are in a deep sleep, the boy sneaks into the girl's house. If the girl does not like the visitor, she will alarm her parents, and they will chase the boy away. 

The dark side of the ritual

The darkest side of this Bomena is that getting the girl pregnant in her teenage, spreading STDs, rape, and parents abandoning children born out of wedlock are the other side of the rituals

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Bullet ant gloves in Amazon

In a country like America, we celebrate hitting adolescents by organizing a party, but in other countries, things are different. The tribal people called Sateré-Mawé, who live in the deep forest of the Amazon, have a practice where young men have to prove their manliness in a way that causes physical and mental trauma.

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Boys of 12-year-old are sent into the forest to collect these bullet ants from the forest; bullet ants gloves are made, with each glove consisting of dozens of ants. These young boys must wear these gloves 20 times for 10 minutes, and the bullet ants sting the wearer. 

The bullet ant sting is so painful; one sting can cause 30 times more pain than a bee. It is hard to imagine the amount of pain these boys undergo for ten straight minutes. 

The reason behind the ritual

These rituals are meant to educate those lads as life is full of suffering and pain, and without suffering, no effort would be fruitful. 

Thaipusam celebrated in South India

Thaipusam is a festival celebrated in the Southern part of India and also in South East Asia. This is celebrated as Lord Muruga fought over the evil spirit and brought victory. To commemorate this celebration, Thaipusam is considered a festival. This doesn't sound strange, but how this Thaipusam is celebrated looks scary to many. 

Devotees of Lord Muruga pierce their tongue, mouth, chest, and back using long sharp rods in the shape of javelin weapons, and some pierce their body using sharp hooks in a state of trance, and they walk with these piercings until these devotees reach the temple. 

Some devotees pierce their hooks on the back and pull vehicles, or even devotees hang themselves through several hooks suspended from the top of the vehicles. 

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Newlyweds are banned from using toilets in Indonesia

The Tidong community of Indonesia prohibits newlyweds from using the washroom for three days after the marriage. This tribe believes that breaking the law will bring bad luck to the couple, like a broken marriage, infidelity, or even the death of their children.

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This newly married couple is watched by several people and fed with a minimum amount of food and drink. Only after three days are they permitted to bathe, and only then can they attend nature's call.

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Penis festival in Japan

Male genitalia is being celebrated in Japan. The Penis festival, called the Kanamara Matsuri, is a festival that is celebrated in Japan for sex, fertility, and the creation of life. This Kanamara Matsuri festival is celebrated on the first Sunday of April in Kawasaki, Japan, where men cross-dress as women parade down the streets of Japan by shouldering huge erect penis.

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It is the Home of the Kanayama Jinja Shrine, Kawasaki, southwest of Tokyo, which has been closely tied to the male anatomy for many centuries due to a persistent local legend. Hence, its famed Shinto shrine to the relic of a steel phallus was erected.

The urban legend

A demon with red-faced and sharp teeth hid in the vagina of a goddess that bit off the penis of her first two husbands. The third man, a blacksmith, created an iron phallus that broke the demon's teeth and won over the beautiful woman while the demon returned from where he came. 

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Consuming the dead

The Yanomami tribe that resides in the Amazon rainforest on the borders of Venezuela and Brazil consumes the dead after their loved ones die. According to their tribe rituals, a practice is followed where the deceased person no trace is to be left, which makes the deceased person's spirit rest in peace. 

After the body is cremated following the tribe's practice, the leftover bones and ashes are crushed to a powder and mixed in a plantain soup that the deceased's family then consumes.

Through this ritual, the Yanomami tribe ensures that the soul of the deceased one will reside among their deceased family members. 

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Famadihana, Madagascar

In the Hauts Plateaux of Madagascar, native people have a strange ritual where the relatives exhume the dead bodies from the cemetery, rewrap their bodies in fresh cloth, and rewrite their names on the cloth so they will always be remembered. And this custom of funeral ritual is called Famadihana. And this ritual is carried out in July and September.

In this process, relatives of the deceased bodies ask for their ancestor's blessings and will ask for what they need in their world of the living. Travelers find this ritual as a party because the ritual is filled with rum. Travelers who visit this place will dance along with the tune of the music they play for the ritual

Tossing the toddlers in India

Tossing toddlers is a custom followed in a few states of India like Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Karnataka, where toddlers are tossed from the roof of temples with a height ranging from 15-30 feet, and the tossed toddlers are caught by spreading a blanket down by the devotees. This traditional ritual is followed with a belief to bring about good luck to any children. Later this act was banned in 2011. But still, many devotees practice this ritual to date. 

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Teeth filing in Bali

Modern world people always love to file their nails, but it is quite different in Bali, as men and women love to file their teeth while getting ready for marriage. A filed teeth depict the control of sinful emotions like lust, greed, anger, and jealousy. Filing teeth might be seen as an easy activity, but it is painful for the one who does it. 

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Gerewol Festival in the Wodaabe tribe

Beauty talent is a unique show organized to get to know women based on how she carries themselves and their intellectual power. But in the Wodaabe tribe, it is just the opposite. Here men dress well and get ready for a courtship festival known as Gerewol, who appear in front of the women and show their skills. 

Based on their dancing skills in a competition called Yaake, women choose men based on their performance and good looks. 

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