The Crown : 'Prince Charles' Not Responded In Usually Way Towards His Characterization

The Crown : 'Prince Charles' Not Responded In Usually Way Towards His Characterization

Updated on August 16, 2022 21:57 PM by Emma Alice

Prince Charles Glimpse At The Crown

Speaking at the 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scottish politician Anas Sarwar said that Prince Charles referenced the Netflix show, a dramatic take on Queen Elizabeth's reign while introducing himself to Parliament members at an event last year.

He came over and went, hello, nice to meet you all. I'm nowhere near how they portray me on Netflix, Sarwar recalled, according to the Daily Mail. He thought that was a really interesting way how you describe yourself.

Sarwar continued, I'm going to be in so much trouble for this because I don't think you are meant to tell private conversations!

Prince Charles, 73, was portrayed by Josh O'Connor in seasons 3 and 4, depicting Charles' young adulthood, including his early romance and wedding to Princess Diana. O'Connor earned an Emmy in 2021 for his work.

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The Role Of Prince Charles By Dominic West For The Crown's Last Two Seasons

The role of Prince Charles will be taken over by Dominic West for The Crown's final two seasons, keeping with the show replacing their casts as the characters age.

According to Hello! Magazine, Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter Princess Eugenie, and Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex, have seen the show. In contrast, Mike Tindall, married to the Queen's granddaughter Zara, talked about the show on his podcast.

Vanessa Kirby, who played Princess Margaret in the show's first two seasons, said that Eugenie has confirmed that the Queen herself has seen it. Prince Harry also spoke about the show during an appearance on The Late Show with James Corden in 2021.

It gives you a rough idea about that lifestyle, the pressures of putting duty and service above family and everything else, and what can come from that, the Duke of Sussex said.

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Prince Charles' wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, came face-to-face with her fictional counterpart in March during a reception to mark International Women's Day at Clarence House. Camilla chatted with Emerald Fennell, the actress who portrayed her in seasons 3 and 4 of Netflix's royal drama, and even cracked a joke about her presence during a speech.

For me, it is very reassuring to know that if I should fall off my perch at any moment, my fictional alter ego is here to take over, Camilla, 75, said to laughs from the crowd gathered. So, Emerald, be prepared!

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