Princess Diana and Prince Charles' royal wedding: 8 Untold Secrets

Princess Diana and Prince Charles' royal wedding: 8 Untold Secrets

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on her wedding dress, diana spilled perfume

Diana wore Quelques Fleurs, one of her favorite perfumes, as she made her way down the aisle of St. Paul's Cathedral. But her makeup artist claims that she was practically worn out.

The young princess, who was 20 years old at the time, accidentally sprayed perfume on her garment while trying to apply it to her wrists after dressing in the renowned bridal gown, Barbara Daly memorably revealed.

Daly claims that she instructed her to merely grasp that area of her dress while walking to give the impression that she was elevating the front to avoid stepping on it. Even as she reached the altar, she was seen attempting to use her hand to conceal the area where the perfume spilled.

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Diana was 23 inches in the waist

The young bride-to-be changed as the weeks passed before her July 29, 1981, wedding to Prince Charles, losing a sizable amount of the "puppy fat" she had when she first came in, according to fashion designer Elizabeth Emanuel.

Emanuel previously told in an interview, "Most brides do lose weight. So when she did, we weren't really concerned. She appeared stunning. She went from a 26-27-inch waist to a 23-inch waist in the end.

She simply adopted a more certain gait. She just seemed to be maturing overnight, you know? But I believe she was pleased with her appearance.

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DO YOUR BEST, she encouraged her bridesmaids.

Diana told her young bridesmaids that her dress' 25-foot-long train was difficult to manage. India Hicks, the goddaughter of Prince Charles, recalled to Harper's Bazaar the day she and Sarah Armstrong-Jones, Diana's niece, were in charge of leading it down the aisle.

Hicks claimed that Diana encouraged the girls to "do your best" as she entered the cathedral. Hicks penned, "We understood what that meant: Her tiara and veil would fall if we straightened the fabric by pulling too hard. But if we didn't exert enough force, the train's impact would be diminished."

Because of the Queen, Diana had two wedding bouquets.

In order to avoid a repeat of her own wedding's flower loss, Queen Elizabeth instituted the custom of having two identical bouquets prepared, according to florist David Longman.

"Two bouquets were created. At 8:00 a.m., the first one had to be handed to Buckingham Palace. We were escorted by a police officer on a motorcycle as he drove us all the way to the Palace "Longman commented on Diana and Charles' nuptials. The second bouquet had already been completed when we returned, so we headed back again.

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The dress had a secret charm

Although it couldn't be seen in photos, Diana's dress concealed a lucky charm in the form of an 18-karat gold horseshoe pendant set with white diamonds. Biographer Tina Brown reportedly stated, "[The outfit] was the realization of her princess vision," as quoted by Vanity Fair.

She was adamant in her demand for the dress' puffy sleeves, floating silk, a 25-foot taffeta train, a nipped waist, and antique lace with pearl and sequin embroidery.

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A FEW jitters occurred on the wedding day.

Princess Diana's nerves got the best of her while she was exchanging marital vows. Instead of "Charles Philip," she unintentionally referred to her husband-to-be as "Philip Charles."His entire name is Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, though, to be fair. Anyone would make a mistake with so many names to remember!) They were somewhat prepared for rain.

Diana's dress designer also created a proposal that was hand-embroidered with pearls, sequins, and the same lace as the dress in case of inclement weather. For the big day, the skies were, however, clear. "It was probably a wise decision. Since it was composed of such thin material, it was undoubtedly not waterproof "The Daily Mail was told by Elizabeth Emanuel. "It wouldn't have done any good for her,"

The presence of Camilla

Despite Camilla Parker Bowles' prior relationships with Prince Charles, she was nonetheless invited to the royal wedding, most likely as a result of her husband Andrew Parker Bowles' position as the Commanding Officer of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment.

According to the biography Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life, Charles was torn about his love for the then-married Camilla and felt pressured into marrying Diana. He even broke down in tears the night before his wedding.

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