One man’s American dream as he escapes from China’s Zero-Covid and gets into America after a long struggle!

One man’s American dream as he escapes from China’s Zero-Covid and gets into America after a long struggle!

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Zero-Covid and (FTTIS) Find, Test, Trace, Isolate and support are public health policies implemented by some countries during the COVID-19 pandemic. The strategy of the zero-Covid is a control and maximum suppression strategy. It involves public health measures such as contact tracing, border quarantine, mass testing, lockdowns, and mitigation software to stop the transmission of Covid-19. The strategy involves returning to zero Covid and any other new infections as it returns to normal economic activities.

Places of Zero-Covid!

This strategy has been utilized by Australia, Bhutan, Atlantic, Northern Canada, China, Hong Kong, Macau, New Zealand, North Korea, Scotland, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Tonga. Some countries still pursuing this zero-Covid, as in 2022, are China, Macau, and North Korea.

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Journey of hundred miles!

In June, Wang Qun left his household and trekked through deep jungles and barren mountains, all in pursuit of freedom and alternatives within the United States. The 33-year-old Chinese citizen ran from China's unrelenting zero-Covid policy and growing authoritarianism under Xi Jinping. His journey documented a run philosophy emigrating from China to escape under Xi’s rule.

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Xi Jinping came to power when the rules and regulations of China got tighter, the economy was not so good, and his dictatorship was getting worse. Xi expected to secure an unprecedented third term at a key political meeting this fall. Wang and others narrate that the Chinese have no faith in Xi's promise to make China great again.

Chinese legally emigrate!           

In eastern China, Wang runs a bubble tea shop in an economic backwater as neither his money nor his skills look for a school or job in the US. In 2008, Wang graduated from a vocational high school and worked as a graphic designer in eastern Zhejiang province under low wages and stagnant career growth. China's zero-Covid policies rely on sweeping surveillance of 1.4 billion citizens, quarantine, lockdowns, and testing where business is a hard hit.

Wang had decided to leave China; this was not the first time as his ideas were more than a decade ago. He was politically awakening around the age of 20. Wang's destination is America, as he learned about the US from television shows and movies. His impression of the United States is a free, open, democratic, and vibrant country.

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Leaving China is not easy!

In 2020, China kept its border sealed to keep out coronavirus. The Chinese government banned citizens from going overseas for non-essential reasons. Travelling is allowed only for essential things, including work, study, business, scientific research, and medical care. These complete bans are to reduce the spread of Covid.

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Plan to migrate from China!

Wang had a network of people in China to illegally immigrate to America through the South American nation of Ecuador. Wang applied for a language school in Ecuador's capital Quito as he used this passport application. In April, Wang kept out of China as he had two flight stopovers to reach Quito. To reach the coastal town in Colombia, he rode 1000 miles in buses and took a boat to Panama with other migrants.

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Illegal entry!

The journey Wang broke him from exhaustion; he spent three days hiking through Panama's dense rainforest; after walking 12 hours, he felt that he was going to die. He spent seven days on buses to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala and took a boat ride to Mexico's border. Finally, he was detained by police for his illegal entry.

Wang was released after five days as he paid a smuggler thousands of dollars to get to Mexico City. He squeezed into a hot van with two dozen people and no air conditioning inside the van as he struggled to breathe.

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Desperate migrants!

Wang finally reached America as his journey was rare and extreme, along with many other migrants. China went viral on social media and immigration, where inquiries saying Chinese want to leave during the pandemic. Since Xi came to power, the number of Chinese nations seeking asylum nearly eight times over the decades reached 120,000 in 2021, 75% of those seeking asylum in America.

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Life in America!

On 4th of July, Wang wandered the streets gazing at fireworks. His American dream of more than ten years came true when his emotions ran around the streets of the United States. Wang finally made it to America as he walked for hours across the wilderness on steep terrain and, spending a few days in detention, was released pending a hearing of his immigration case.

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Wang explains his escape to his family!

Wang searched for the IP address of his family, his 12-year-old son shares Wang's Apple account, to find the address in the US. Wang told his son that he came to the US to make more money and get a bright future. Wang is getting a driver's license, studying English every day, and becoming a truck driver in the US.

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