Learn how to make a special Turkey for Thanksgiving

Learn how to make a special Turkey for Thanksgiving

Updated on November 25, 2022 01:52 AM by Dhinesh

The CBS of Detroit is helping people make delicious Turkey. They shared six simple steps on how to make a Thanksgiving Turkey.

Storing Turkey carefully

  1. Buy a frozen turkey from the market and store it in the freezer for 0 F and below.
  2. The CDC guides ask not to store Turkey in a place with high temperatures, like the car trunk or basement. 

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How to thaw Turkey properly?

The CDC also shared tips on how to thaw Turkey properly. It should be thawed in the freezer.

  •  Always store the turkey in its original wrapping.
  • Then place it in a container before you keep it in the refrigerator.
  • Since the juice, Turkey will be stored in the container. The juice is equally important.

In Cold Water

  •  Store the turkey in a leak-proof bag. It will store the turkey juice and help prevent it from spreading in the refrigerator. It also helps the turkey from absorbing water.
  • It would help if you covered the turkey with cold water.
  • Remember, if Turkey is stored in cold water, it should be immediately cooked.

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In Microwave

  1. As per the CDC, people should follow the instructions on the Microwave. It will also have instructions given on how to thaw the turkey.
  2. Yet again, if Turkey is thawed in Microwave, it should also be cooked immediately, similar to cold water.

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Managing Turkey properly

According to the CDC,  Turkey, which is not cooler, can contaminate anything. It is important to keep it from spreading or mixing with other things. Hence it is advised to keep it away from other ingredients. It can attract germs.

  • Touch the Turkey key with clean hands. Please wash your hands before you touch them.
  • Always keep one board for Turkey and the other for raw foods, as the Turkey board can carry the smell.
  • Always separate the cooked and raw food. Keep it on a different plate or board.
  • After making Turkey, always wash the utensils with warm water and then use the items for other items. Or keep the utensil for Turkey only.

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The Stuffing of Turkey

  • According to yo CDC, it's safe to cook the stuffing of Turkey in a casserole dish.
  • Once the stuffing is prepped, put the stuffing in Turkey and use a cooking thermometer to see if the stuffing centre is at 165°F

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Turkey at a safe temperature

  • Check Turkey insert a thermometer into the thickest part of the breast, at the thigh joint where the body and wing join. You can avoid the bones. See, it's still juicy and cooked properly.
  • Turkey has a pop-up timer, but it still checks that the turkey is cooked properly from all sides.
  • The stuffing inside should reach 165°F. Allow it to cook for 20 more minutes. It makes the stuffing cook and should also be able to carve.

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The Leftovers

  • The leftovers should be cooked at 40°F within the next two hours to avoid food poisoning.
  • The leftovers which were in a temperature above 90°F should be refrigerated within 1 hour.
  • Chop large pieces of Turkey and roast them into smaller pieces so they cool.
  • Eat Turkey along with soup or a casserole for 3-4days. It will help the turkey stay longer in the freezer.
  • Make sure to reheat the leftovers at 165°F before serving or eating.

To Conclude 

These are some steps and things to consider before you start cooking the delicious Thanksgiving Turkey.

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