Elon Musk condemns Donald Trump's call for the ‘termination’ of the US Constitution days after he was unbanned from Twitter

Elon Musk condemns Donald Trump's call for the ‘termination’ of the US Constitution days after he was unbanned from Twitter

Updated on December 06, 2022 23:01 PM by Emily Hazel

The controversial businessman-turned-politician was just recently given access to Twitter again by the billionaire after a vote by the general people.

On his own social media network, Truth Social, Mr. Trump had gone off in a rant in response to the so-called "Twitter files" on a laptop that was allegedly owned by Joe Biden's son, Hunter.

The computer has been a major point of contention for the American right, who have attempted to imply that documents discovered on the device — taken into a repair business but ostensibly never collected — would harm Joe Biden's reputation.

Conservative media has focused especially on the scandal, which has continued to be a source of controversy for Mr. Biden's opponents.

After Mr. Biden's campaign team contacted Twitter, it was discovered that several Tweets had been deleted

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However, a few weeks after Mr. Musk took possession of the device, Twitter made internal records about its decision to censor access to a New York Post article from two years ago about the laptop being available. This information revealed that Twitter had deleted some Tweets after Mr. Biden's campaign team contacted it.

These included naked pictures of Hunter Biden that were removed in accordance with laws against revenge porn.

Even though the Federal Electoral Commission had already determined that Twitter had used a bot to violate election laws, Mr. Trump touted the "Twitter files" on Truth Social.

"Do you toss out the results of the 2020 presidential election and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER or do you have a new election in light of the MASSIVE & WIDESPREAD FRAUD & DECEPTION in collaboration with Big Tech Companies, the DNC, & the Democrat Party?

"All laws, statutes, and articles, including those listed in the Constitution, may be repealed in the event of a Massive Fraud of this kind and scope.

False and fraudulent elections are something that "our great 'Founders' did not desire and would not tolerate!"

However, Mr. Musk responded on Twitter: "Presidents cannot compare to the Constitution. Story over."

Elon Musk has changed Twitter in an effort to draw in more users and sponsors

The owner of SpaceX and Tesla as well as the richest man in the world, Mr. Musk, has taken steps to change Twitter in an effort to attract new users and advertisers.

His takeover has drawn criticism due to the widespread layoffs and his choice to impose a "hardcore" work style on the surviving staff.

He previously served on councils that provided advice to Mr. Trump during his campaign for president, so their relationship has been rocky. Mr. Musk revealed that he had never voted for the Republican party before, which caused Mr. Trump to turn against him.

Following a popular vote to reinstate Mr. Trump on Twitter in November, Mr. Musk lifted Mr. Trump's suspension from the social media platform. Mr. Trump had been suspended following the Capitol rioting.

Despite being a frequent user of the platform, Mr. Trump has stopped using it recently.

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