Climate crisis! Drought in parts of England due to amid heatwave and low rainfall!

Climate crisis! Drought in parts of England due to amid heatwave and low rainfall!

Updated on August 13, 2022 00:49 AM by Anna P

England’s south, southwest, and southwest are in drought along with central and eastern regions. The UK had five consecutive months of below-average rainfall and back-to-back heat waves, with temperatures expected to peak on Saturday as high as 37 Celsius in some parts. Since the start of 2021, only two months have seen at least rainfall. In July, Sothern England received 17% of its average rainfall.

Heatwave recorded in the country!

Lack of rain and heat causes drought; around 3.1 billion liters of water are lost in England daily. In July, the country is experiencing a second heatwave where the Government and other partners, including the Environment Agency, are taking action to manage the impact. The Government expected water companies to reduce leakage, fix leaking pipes as quickly as possible, and take wider action.

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Reoxygenating rivers and rescuing fish are at low levels where the water levels in reservoirs are also rapidly dropping. England and some parts, including the Thames, which runs through London, were dried up. Water companies and governments should implement drought plans without ministers' permission to declare drought.

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Ongoing heat wave!

Most companies ban hosepipes where millions of people are forcing them to water gardens and wash cars without hoses. Drought is the combination of extreme heat and consecutive months of low rainfall. Due to drought alert, several indicators include rainfall, river levels and flows, reservoir storage, and very low groundwater levels. One of the country’s most severe droughts at the end of 1975 – 1976, thirteen rivers with wider conditions are at their lowest levels.

The most severe red alert is an amber alert likely to stress water supply sources with reduced agricultural and crop yields, localized wildfires, and impacts on wildlife and their habitats. An exceptional fire risk across the capital as temperatures are expected to reach 36 Celsius where the grass from the lawns to public parks and heaths become dry and brown because of low rainfall.

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Concerns on food security!

In some areas, the UK experiences drought every 5 to 10 years. This drought will impact food supplies and affordability. Around 63% of the European Union and the UK land is under drought warnings issued by the European Drought Monitor; there is inadequate moisture in the soil. Due to lack of rainfall, the numbers of crops are in struggle as they don't usually take water from anywhere else to irrigate the fields.

On 17% of the land, drought conditions are more severe where the vegetation is stressed. The drought will continue into the autumn or even winter when the nation gets most of its rain to store for drier parts of the year. Experts warn that dry winter would put the country under more stress on food security.

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