Stability rise causes drought, and rising prices fuel insecurity in East Africa!

Stability rise causes drought, and rising prices fuel insecurity in East Africa!

Updated on August 02, 2022 16:05 PM by Ava Sara

Murder and misery!

A maelstrom of howling brown dust engulfs travelers through Isiolo. Around the north Kenya town, 11 people were reported to be killed in 10 days. Climate change and overgrazing have hastened the spread of the Sahara desert south into Mali, Niger, and northern Nigeria. The ground is baked by drought.

Humanitarian crises!

The Sahel and the Maghreb have experienced widening desertification and growing violence from Islamic extremists. Growing insecurity in Kenya, traditionally seen as the stable diplomatic and humanitarian hub in the Horn of Africa by the war that fueled to have set the Sahel aflame.

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Ferocious crackdown!

Kenya's problems are deepened by climatic change. In the last two years, the murder of dozens of people, including two chiefs in Marsabit 160 miles north of Isiolo town and eight others in one attack, had a ferocious crackdown by Kenya's police. In June, in Marsabit County, police captured 200 machine guns, automatic rifles, and other weapons with 3000 rounds.

Worst drought!

According to the government and UN, Kenya is enduring the worst drought in 40 years. Because of this drought, more than four million people are food insecure, and 3.3 million cannot get enough water to drink. 85% of livestock has perished in the IIeret district. Surviving herds are being driven south in search of grazing.

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Russia invaded Ukraine!

Ukraine produces 11.5% of the world's wheat and 17% of the world's export market of maize. On 24th February this year, meet the cost of food has trebled since Russia invaded Ukraine. In Kenya, the price of Ugali was doubled for most people.

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Fear of instability!

Kenya's population is largely centered in the country's center and south; northern insecurity has not been a major election issue. Drought combined with overgrazing as rains do fall the experience across Africa.

Distant war!

The effects of climate change in Kenya as the children are facing malnutrition. The combination of drought, soaring food, and fuels due to distant war, a burgeoning population, and civil wars on Kenya's doorstep was an incredible mix. Somalia, Ethiopia, and South Sudan depend on Kenya's ports as a base of operations and essential logistics locations.

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