Check out the secret hotel room confession from a housekeeper

Check out the secret hotel room confession from a housekeeper

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People love a long getaway right from staying in a budget-friendly cozy hotel to a luxury hotel with a spa and other amenities; guests would like to spend their time either alone or with loved ones with all those pampering from the staff who are at your service and make your stay fixed in your memory.

Though these days, many online hotel booking sites have reviews with star ratings, and it is through these we can get to the hotel's status. But still, it doesn't give us a complete story for which we have collected certain points and highlighted the issues so that you can be aware of them. Check these so that your next vacation can be a fruitful one.

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Though not all hotels do it, they still keep it a secret. But what, many guests are unaware that these hotels that look good inside out are not always good, and they create an illusion as everything seems neat and snug. Here in this article, we are helping you with tips to help you watch out for things as you check in. 

Drinking Glasses are not always clean

Guest usually prefers clean and hygienic sparkling glasses to drink water in it. But many guests are unaware that these glasses are not as clean as you think. A testimony from an honest housekeeper revealed that these glasses are never washed under soapy water as they just dry and clean the used glasses using a towel and put it back on the guest table. So if you are a cleanliness freak, please don't freak out; calm yourself and the next time when you visit, make you have an alternative arrangement from not using those sparkling royal glasses. 

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Not all rooms look alike

This is a trick played in many hotels, such as Deluxe rooms and king-sized rooms, as many think that the space, amenities, and bed size make the room different, but in many hotels, both are just the same with the difference in money. 

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In such hotels, the space allotted is the only difference that one can get to witness. A balcony in a Deluxe room will be more spacious than a balcony in a king-sized room. Similar goes with bathroom and room space. A clear picture of your stay before a booking can save you money.

What you think free isn't free

What comes free with a hotel room stay and Wi-Fi? Bottled water? Oh!! Yes! Complementary breakfast. But what if we say, Complementary breakfast is never free? Yes, that's true; this part of breakfast is never free, as a hidden cost is added along with the room bill you are unaware of. Maybe try staying in a cheap hotel, where this facility of Complementary breakfast never exists. 

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Now, don't start to think about Wi-Fi, bottled water, and other extra toiletries, as everything is charged here, just like the morning food. 

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Stale bed

We book rooms to spend the night to sleep. More than any other amenities, priority is given to the beds in which we sleep. Many hotels, including luxury hotels, don't either clean the bed or change the duvets and sheets. But how many of you know about the frequency of change in duvets and sheets? 

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Many luxury hotels tend to iron the bed to avoid creases so that the bed and the sheets can be maintained without washing them. And in other non-luxury hotels, they do hardly wash it. Check for bed bugs, if any, when staying in cheap hotels. 

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Do you know why hotels use white sheets on the bed?

We seldom avoid using white sheets in our home, as a small stain is harder to wash and gives an impression that it is unhygienic. But hotels use white sheets, which is an important factor in guest experience as it creates a halo effect. And these white sheets influence the guest to think as the room and bed are brand new when the sheets alone have been changed. To create this positive impact, white sheets are used. 

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What is a halo effect?

Halo Effect is a tendency to create a positive impression about any brand, place, or person that positively influences the feelings in another area. 

Demise in hotel

This might be a bit creepy, but please do read at your risk. The best place to commit suicide is not in a home or any other place, but rather the convenient place is a hotel room. And these kinds of hotel suicides are high in number that many hotel staff tries their best to avoid such incidents being heard by their guest; as a result, they keep the demise of any such guest as low as possible and continue with their business, they clean the area, and the room is ready to be occupied by the next guest. 

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Guess what? Not only is suicide the reason for death in a hotel, but there are also other causes, like planned murder and other similar cases. Anyway, do not worry as a hotel's death is unusual and we can't guarantee you at the same time that you cannot land in one such room. 

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Mini Bars

Today the mini bar concept is present almost in all rooms where items like crisps, beer, water bottles, chocolates, juices, and other items are stored in a mini freezer. And its rates are twice or thrice more costly than you can get during your normal shopping. 

Sometimes these mini bars tempt the guest to use them, making a huge hole in your pocket. And according to the research carried out by Priceonomics, the items in the min-bar are often marked up nearly 400% higher than the normal market rate. So better beware before using it. 

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Coffee makers are damn dirty

Coffee makers or kettles used in the room are dirty; they are never dish washed or run by soapy water. Instead, they dust it dry with the same towel used to dust all other items in the same room. Who knows, it can be a breeding house of live pathogens. 

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Filthy Remotes

Remote is the second dirty place next to the water closet. Many hotels, including luxury hotels, have serious dirt in their remotes with thousands of bacteria and viruses. Use some wipes on the remote; your hands will stay safe. 

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Bathroom counters are nasty

Women tend to set their toothbrushes and makeup materials on the bathroom counter but what women do not know is that the counter place is the filthiest of all, almost in all hotels. 

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So it is always better not to stock your materials on the counter and instead can be placed in your luggage in which you carried or on the dressing table in your room. 

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And please do not think about using the glasses available on the bathroom counter to gargle your mouth with them. At least using dirty glasses available in the room is far better than using bathroom counter glasses, as often they are handled using dirty hands after a potty process. 

You can lose your booking easily

As a guest, you would have booked your room months before in advance, but if you are unlucky, you can easily lose your room status and not have a room. If you are unlucky, you might leave the hotel and go in for a fresh booking in any nearby hotel. Hotels often take over booking to reduce the lost revenue from unbooked rooms. 

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Hotels have these loyalty programs through which they get to know their regular loyal guest. Who knows, you have to leave your room just for them and go and stay elsewhere. 

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Be careful about the third party

It seems to be an easy option to book hotels at an affordable rate online. But making a reservation through third-party sites can sometimes lead to a less-pleasant stay. 

Some hotels give the least charming rooms to the guest who book through third-party sites as these hotels make less money on those stays; as these guests are not loyal customers or repeat customers, hotels use this as an opportunity to exploit them as these guests choose the hotels based on value and not o quality. 

Or simply, one can cross-verify after booking the reservation online with the reservation desk to get a better deal on their booked room. 

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