How Kevin Hart’s Plan To Compete With Former NFL Players Backfired

How Kevin Hart’s Plan To Compete With Former NFL Players Backfired

Updated on August 26, 2023 11:16 AM by Sophia Luna

(How Kevin Hart’s Plan To Compete With Former NFL Players Backfired /Image Credits: The Second Angle)

A tragedy happened to Kevin Hart, the famous actor and comedian. He decided to compete with the retired NFL player, but everything went wrong. 
He runs so fast that now he hurt his legs and now he must use a wheelchair sometimes. His leg exploded in a literal sense. He tore his lower abdomen and adductor which are the group of hip and leg muscles that help leg movement and steady the trunk.
Now, he must wait in a wheelchair while his legs start cooperating with him again.

What Really Happened?

Kevin Hart, the dumbest man alive, as he likes to call himself, decided that it will be a good idea for him to compete with Steven Riley, the former NFL player, in a race. The 44 years old Hart challenged Steven to a 40-foot dash. But he ended up injuring himself and now he is stuck in a wheelchair for some time.
Kevin Hart explained it in detail on an Instagram video. It was quite amusing for viewers to watch to be honest, even though it was not intended by the comedian. Hopefully!

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Instagram Story

(How Kevin Hart’s Plan To Compete With Former NFL Players Backfired /Image Credits:

In the Instagram video, Hart said that he had some argument with Ridley regarding what is faster and they decided to settle the matters on a racetrack. Hart claimed that he won the race against Ridley, but at what cost? His legs!
After finishing his race, he said to himself, 44 and sitting my ass down!!!!! I got to be the dumbest man alive!!!!! What the f–k am I doing???? I blew my s–t….I’m done. FML.
He also said in the video, I’m in a wheelchair. Why? Well, because I tried to jump out there and do some young stuff. Now he temporarily cannot walk. He said that he tore his lower abdomen, which he didn’t know about. Now, as the muscles that help move legs sideways are damaged, he must rest back for a while.

He also advised his fellow 40-something fellows to respect their age and don’t try to do young stuff. He also clarified that he learned that lesson the hard way and now with torn muscles, he regretted racing the former NFL player.

Fan’s Reaction

Ridley, the 34-year-old former NFL player, who retired back in 2018 also responded to Hart’s story. He not only teased Hart for competing against him, but also gave him an example of Tom Brady, a 44-year-old NFL player.
Ridley wrote, I SAW @TOMBRADY DO IT AT YOUR AGE SO I FIGURED YOU HAD THE JOICE TOO BIG BRO! Ridley wrote, referring to the former New England Patriots captain Tom Brady. MY BAD @KEVINHARTFOREAL! HEAL UP AND PEEKP MAKING US ALL LAUGH!
People really enjoyed this tragic yet fun incident from Kevin’s side. Many Hollywood A-listers commented on the video. However, this is nothing compared to what Kevin has suffered before.

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