A Big-budget Movie Barely Cracks The Top 5 At The Box Office In Renfield

A Big-budget Movie Barely Cracks The Top 5 At The Box Office In Renfield

Updated on April 20, 2023 18:16 PM by Andrew Koschiev

It has been a massive disappointment at the box office for Renfield. Based on a story by Robert Kirkman of The Walking Dead, the film follows an iconic character from the original Dracula novel in a modernized horror-comedy-action hybrid. In the present day, Renfield follows Dracula's assistant as he attempts to escape his master's tyranny. 

According to Variety, Renfield has suffered an immediate decline in the domestic box office. After considering its massive marketing budget, Nicolas Cage's Dracula is expected to earn $7.7 million this weekend, placing it fourth or fifth. Renfield is slowly gaining ground on other wide releases, including The Super Mario Bros. Movie and The Pope's Exorcist, but it stays ahead of the Nike drama Air.

Could Renfield be a sleeper hit?

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It seems likely that the movie would have drawn some viewers this weekend based on most metrics. The Super Mario Bros. Movie was inevitable to win again. Still, the modernized horror-action-comedy appealed to an audience slightly older than the Mario demographic to appeal to a wider audience.

Two actors are hot in the Renfield cast right now: Hoult was just a big hit with The Menu, and Cage has been enjoying a career revival since playing himself in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. Renfield's international numbers have yet to be released, and they could increase its opening gross.

Getting the film together was a challenge

However, when the film hits non-U.S. markets, it won’t be easy to make enough money to make it profitable in theaters if it does the same. Until then, the film has only one hope: A viewership rebound for the lukewarm thrillers Fall and The Invitation in 2022, which was enough to inspire a Fall sequel.

The film Renfield is most likely to release on Peacock this summer. Unfortunately, Netflix and HBO Max have better track records at breathing new life into theatrical titles than the NBCUniversal streaming service. Although Peacock has had some successful film releases, there is still a chance that the film will find a cult audience after it comes out on the Internet.

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