Surprising and Interesting Facts about The Walking Dead

Surprising and Interesting Facts about The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead is a popular post-apocalyptic horror series that Frank Darabont created in 2010 on AMC. It is based on a comic book series that was created by Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard, and Robert Kirkman. It is more of a Walking Dead Easter Egg than a real fact, but it is interesting anyway. Compare the show's opening to the first season, and you'll be able to make the difference that the title sequence is getting grimier, darker, and decaying with every season. As the Walkers rot with time, so does the primary logo of the show.

Do you know everyone's favorite character is created only for the show? You'll not find him in the comics. Norman Reedus auditioned for Marle's role, but it was given to Michael Rooker. However, the writers were so impressed with him performance that they gave birth to Daryl just to keep Norman in the show.

You read it right! Walmart sells a replica of Daryl's crossbow. This is even regarded as the best Walking Dead to have one. Don't forget, use it only for replay – you don't have any walkers in real life to kill.Have you ever wondered why Michonne remained in the shadow and was always dressed in a dark cape when she was seen at the end of Season 2? It was because she wasn't cast yet. 

Playing a Walker looks fun, is it not? These actors attend Zombie School to learn how to move and walk before they as the role of one of the dead. An ideal walker has to have a good bone structure, a long neck, and big eyes. They are told to be silent and not to blink.

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Have you ever given a thought about what those Walker really eat when they tear through the human gut on the show? No doubt it is a high-budget show, but they use affordable stuff to make it look real – Ham soaked in vinegar. Dale was such a special character in the show that every part of his body was made up of white chicken breasts.Michael Cudlitz plays Abraham in the series, he was very well known about his death in the show, but he didn't reveal it to anyone. Remember when Negan's first victim was kept a mystery in Season 6's finale? 

Do you ever realize The Walking Dead never used the word Zombie? Rather than that, they call the dead as 'Walkers.' According to the creators, they didn't want to use this word because they wanted to create a world in the show where the characters experience situations they're not familiar with. No matter what, they are Zombies for us!Yes, The Walking Dead is based on the comics, but the show doesn't copy it line by line. For example, Daryl, Sasha, and Merle are not found in the comics. Glenn adopted Sophia; Rick lost his hand, Andrea and Maggie hooked with Rick – a world we never imagined.

Not only a woman does stunt double for Chandler Riggs, but she is 30+ years old. That's insane! Who would have thought such a thing?Meth of Walter White is seen for a short duration in this Zombie-filled show. Season 1, Episode 5 Blue Sky of Heisenberg is shown in Merle Dixon's drug slash.The cast of the series enjoys a death dinner whenever a character dies. This must be an expensive affair because deaths on the show are never-ending.During its nine seasons, the show creators have cast 16 actresses for Judith's character. There was a baby Judith, then a toddler Judith and now an almost-teen Judith. 

They say, 'if Daryl dies, we riot. We say, 'if Carol dies, we riot too.' Thank God the show creators didn't kill our one of the most favorite characters. Apparently, T-Dog was not to be dead. Carol was to be bitten, but instead, T-Dog was sacrificed as it is a popular character.Do you think Chandler was just pretending while he ate that 112-ounce can think of pudding in the fourth season, episode 9? The answer is no, he didn't pretend it. In fact, he ate that pudding in real life. The actor shared it was his favorite scene, but once he was done, Chandler started hating puddings.

The barriers shown in the series to protect the living from the dead are also there in the real world. Separate eating areas are assigned to the living and dead backstage. Does it look like the creators of the show also want the living and dead to be distinguished in real life? But is this not a clear case of discrimination?The actors who played The Governor, Maggie, and Rick were more than just superb actors. They were amazing when it came to putting an accent as well. David Morrissey, Lauren Cohan, and Andrew Lincoln were all British. Who could have even thought of this?

Remember that amazing scene from Season 1 where Merle was shooting from a roof? You won't believe it, but the people living in the area called the cops thinking he was a real gunman. The SWAT team came, but luckily no one was arrested.The show's ratio of walkers to humans is 5000:1. That's insanely shocking. Our favorite gang has to reproduce quickly, it seems.A Walking Dead theory says Rick Grimes dreamt all the events of this series. Can you imagine, in the end, Rick just wakes up from a nightmare? This will certainly lead to chaos.


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