Critical thinking: We make daily decisions that affect our lives

Critical thinking: We make daily decisions that affect our lives

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The significance of critical thinking

It is the decision to take a particular step; the decision to be doing something which might bring some results for you in your future is what determines a part of your critical thinking.

Sometimes people do things they regret later on, and then again, they want to execute certain plans to give up on their regrets.

So, be it in your personal life or your professional context, critical thinking plays an important role in maintaining balance in life. 

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The need to make the appropriate decisions

You are always at that point where you can never deny the need to find a way to make appropriate decisions.

There is a huge significance and the necessity of appropriate decision-making.

Critical thinking has been on the scene for a long time; it is the precise form of thinking that can make and break a person. People’s thoughts determine their actions, gestures, and how they see the world.

The appropriate choices and precise critical thinking help us find any flaw in our system or ourselves.

Why a person chooses someone over everything is difficult to say; why a happy couple breaks up a relationship is difficult to say; why a person wants more than they seem to show is difficult to say; why they choose you, It's difficult to say. 

The existence of human beings is proof of having the capability to think. The capability of contemplation is something that helps us in our decision-making process. 

It also helps us reach a better outcome by eliminating flaws we might have overlooked.

In short, no matter what you accomplish, your thoughts will help you manage your life and bring in the things that might form an important factor for you.

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The ability to make decisions

Now, the ability to make decisions is a huge factor, especially if you know that certain thought procedures can cause hindrances in your day-to-day life.

You need to have that set of decision-making skills that allows you to be with the way it holds out to you in real life.

Thinking and feeling are two different spectrums. It’s more like where the brain and the mind blend in to form a subjective thought procedure to give you the idea of finding a way to make the right choices.

Now, to make the right choice, you need to be able to think critically, and sometimes this critical thinking changes into acting quickly.

Nevertheless, you might always be doubtful about your critical thinking ability and how you can make decisions. 

However, you must be wondering what you should do to improve your critical thinking, and here is a list of ways through which you can find ways to sort your critical thinking procedure.

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You should know what you want first

The way to start is to ask yourself what you want. You need to know what you want as it is the first step of critical thinking.

Thoughts have been a very important part of human life, but random thoughts might take you nowhere. 

Critical thinking mainly focuses on having many options, but going for that one option can determine your future endeavors.

You have to think critically to solve some of your crucial problems, and this critical thinking needs the first plan of what you want from yourself.

If you are unsure what you want, it might become difficult for you to sort out your life. 

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Know that certain things are uncontrollable

Indeed, you cannot control certain things, but if you know what you want, you can meet your objectives. Life always gives you chances, and with every chance, you can make out ways of exploring yourself.

Every time you know what you want, it gives rise to your decision-making power; with every decision-making power, you can reach your objective or purpose.

Sometimes people run away from their past actions, but you can solve them easily through critical thinking.

It is critical thinking which opens all the blockages in your mind and helps you identify what your priorities are.

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The segregation of emotion:

Now let us take, for instance - if you think critically about attraction, love, and Obsession, all these three are extremely different. 

They might look the same but are different; you might be attracted to a celebrity, or you might love your partner, but then again, you might be obsessed with somebody else.

Now you need to figure out what you want out of each of these emotions, and critically thinking about how and what you want to do with these emotions will give you a starting point to work with the situations you are facing.

When you are tied inside your heart with a terrible war between your love and your Obsession, all you need to do is ask yourself: 

  • What do I want?
  • What is my biggest priority?
  • What do I anticipate to get out of each of these emotional surges?

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Love, Obsession, and Critical thinking

Love is a healthy feeling, and it gives you the way to living a normal and healthy life; it will give you all the normal happiness and all the normal things which will bring your life to stability.

However, this Obsession is like that one addiction that one cannot get rid of; your Obsession will give you the incarnal satisfaction, but it might bring in the pain of forming a habit.

So, until you know the right answer to these questions and have narrowed yourself down to that choice, you will not know exactly which of these is the right decision for you.

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It would help if you dealt with your internal biases

Indeed, sometimes it is not always about choice; the emotional struggle might clog your thinking power, but then again, you need to check not to give in to your internal biases.

The feeling of love will give you the future you always desired, and the power of attraction will inspire you to be in a happy relationship with your partner. But then again, if you look from the other side, Obsession will only bring you to the brink of emotional turmoil.

You do not want to choke a person and then embrace that person till they get crushed in your arms. 

Your Obsession is making you think certain things which others might find depraved. But then again, it is a secret desire you are harboring, and you might feel etched to accomplish it. 

Now that is not something about a depraved mind; it’s about what gives you some motivation in life. Your Obsession might not bring the success you want to gain in your life. 

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Look out for the perspectives

You might often think from only your perspective to deal with your issues. It would help if you looked out for other perspectives. If you choose love over Obsession, will it give happiness and peace to the people around you? Will it give your people what they want in their life?

Certain decisions need time; choosing love over an obsession is the reason behind your life, and your critical thinking gives you the chance to be retrospective. 

If you give in to your Obsession, you will be doing something very selfish; so you need to get out of your place of thought.

No matter what, looking from others’ perspectives helps you with your critical thinking

You want to have a choice, and with the presence of all these people, you were able to make the choice that could have been difficult for you to make in any other circumstances.

The people around you give you the strength to make the right decision and choose love over Obsession. Things that are important to you come first, and you want to reach a goal, and with your love and sanity, you can find that place of stability.

People might find you selfish, but if you try to think from someone else's point of view, it might become easier for you to make the right decision.

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Find your loved ones at your side

Sometimes you might feel stuck, and your emotions might take the worst part of you in such situations; your critical thinking helps you gain momentum, and friends and family, along with your loved ones, will give you the strength to be on the right track.

So furthermore, these support systems will give you a clearer picture of the overall situation. Your critical thinking will become easy for you.

Let's say you are looking to find a way to keep your Obsession at bay. Now you need to think of how to approach your best friend and learn how they might have approached the issue. 

You can also share your issue with your partner, or a sibling might help you with your obsessive tendencies. Now think of how your parents might have approached it.

Knowing these aspects, it will become easy for you to find the right medium of critical thinking. You are offering yourself all the options that will help you strengthen your mind and give you a reason to focus on your goal.

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Hitting different types of solutions

When you consider different perspectives, you see things from a broader perspective. You are learning to live your life in a much better manner.

It has been difficult for you, but now you might find yourself hitting upon solutions that you hadn't thoroughly considered.

You have to choose, and you know that giving in to your Obsession with this particular person will bring you nothing but destruction and distraction. 

It would help if you had a focus, and finding your focus will be directed by your beloved ones, who will be at your side at times of your weakness. 

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Always consider the consequences of your choice:

Every option we choose has outcomes for ourselves or others affected by the problem. 

For example, choosing Obsession will bring you an uncertain future, and you might not want that kind of future.

The consequences of choosing Obsession are more or less like jumping into the ocean without knowing how to swim, but then again, if you choose to love, you will gain a prominent future that will bring you to a specific place to stand and be content.

As a result, you need to consider the possible consequences that may arise in the future from each of your chosen options.

It is true one cannot choose between love and Obsession; it is not like choosing between two different colored clothes. It is about life and death moments; it is about choosing something to build your future.

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Be aware of the outcomes

So, in the end, you need to go for the one that benefits you and your people. Nobody can survive alone, and nobody can make changes all of a sudden, but then again, you need to choose your surrounding environment.

You are trying the most while limiting all the negative effects that Obsession might bring onto you and others involved with it.

You know that Obsession is like being in a dream world with no end, and being in love and a stable relationship means you have a chalked-out future with all the aspects you wanted to gain in your life.

Make sure you don't lose your mind over something you cannot solve. There are certain plans and things that should remain unsolved. If that's what it is, let it be.

Don’t try to nudge all those obsessive issues which might not give you any future and, along with that, no present. 

You are:

  • A practical-minded person who believes in bringing food to your plate for yourself.
  • Your family.
  • Your girlfriend or partner.
  • Anyone you always believed to be a part of your life.

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Start with chalking out

However, you can start with your critical thinking by creating two columns - one regarding your Obsession and the other regarding your love.

It will be a good way to jot down all the pros and cons regarding each one of the choices you make in your life. 

You can go on scribbling down by asking yourself to think of every possible positive outcome you will get through having love and a stable girlfriend in your life, alongside every other possible negative outcome you might face with choosing Obsession.

When you have written down all those things, you can make a much more informed decision regarding your future. You will always be able to give yourself credit for critical thinking

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Always do your prior research:

Never go for a fool’s errand; never choose the influence of emotions and lack of devotion.

You have always heard that knowledge is the ultimate power. So, always go with the knowledge before jumping into any solution.

Indeed, you will never solve it if you start getting overwhelmed with your choice between Obsession and love. 

So, educate yourself with the things which might give you an idea of what and how Obsession takes the worse out of you. 

Surround yourself with scientific books which give you an idea about the logic and understanding capability of getting obsessed with someone.

The human brain is a very complicated place where many sections give you many opportunities to load and reload things inside your mind. 

You can always go through books where you can gain knowledge of self-control and try to bring yourself to the logic of making the right choice.

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Give up the known and embrace the unknown:

However, the worst part for many of us is that we tend to rely a lot on our known factors rather than on what we already should have known.

People always have this concept that they know everything and do not need to know more, but then again, to know the consequences of your choice and to discuss it with your people, you need to gain enough knowledge about it.

If you are unwilling to shred away your beliefs, you will never be able to gain insight into what could have happened if you could have educated yourself a little more.

The biggest stereotype you can break is reading and understanding the root cause of your Obsession with this person and how to overcome it and not let the feeling of obsession shadow your love and relationship with your partner.

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Critical thinking and gaining knowledge:

Now knowledge and self-reflection are the only way you can gain your understanding over the biggest trouble called Obsession. Now, this self-reflection might even help you gain insight into critical thinking.

Your critical thinking firstly requires you to let go of your belief system. This thinking will sometimes help you solve your biggest problems regarding life and choice. 

People often show reluctance to learn, especially researching a given topic. This reluctant attitude is one of the primary reasons people fall prey to Obsession and lose a life of stability and contentment.

Now you must acquire new beliefs that will only hold you back and certainly won't help you with critical thinking. So, you better go along with the knowledge that you have gained over your new knowledge and turn them into your newly formed beliefs.

It is only by taking your time to do some of your research on the prospect of your life with a stable partner will give you insight into getting a hold of your bright life which might be calling you all this while.

Not only that, you will be able to control your Obsession and grow over it. You will be able to concentrate on discovering more and more. You will also find that you have evolved and adapted to your new mindset over time. 

You will be able to overcome new situations with open-mindedness as well as you will be able to improve your critical thinking.

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Accept the actuality that you can be wrong:

Yes, it is true, and admit to yourself first that you are obsessed. You are obsessed with someone who gives you sexual thoughts and a life of uncertainty. Accept that you are wrong about your mental strength.

The first way to get along with your weakness is to accept that you are weak, and then only you will be able to get yourself out of that. 

This one can be more problematic than it states, but that is the only way out of this vicious circle of pain and despair.

It would be best if you remember you are human, and your mind is not always under your control. You do not want to give into your inner monster because you know that is not normal.

This feeling of flesh, blood, and bones will make you realize that you are not the epitome of perfection.

The moment you decide to accept your Obsession and the pangs of hunger for flesh and skin, you won't feel like you are taking any of the burdens on your shoulders. Moreover, you do not need to feel guilty about it. 

If possible, back out as other people are; let them have the spotlight. You can be at the side or the back and enjoy your view sitting relaxed.

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Accept the facts to make a start:

Remember one thing; humans will make errors, and you are human. So, It's okay that you made mistakes; you felt weak and obsessed over someone you might not have thought about, but then again, you have the option to get out of it.

Don’t be self-critical over the things you might not be responsible for; no matter who we are, it is what breaks us and makes us.

Mistakes are indeed something we all make. So, you are no different from others, but since you are critically thinking about it, it is becoming easier for you to sort your thoughts out for your good.

The biggest disadvantage is that humans are not ready to accept their faults, blame others, and try to escape from them.

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Find the root cause behind it:

So, the most important thing for us is to understand why we don't accept our faults. It is very important to figure out that our thought process makes us unable to think critically and move toward our goals.

This fact of not being able to grasp the depth of our errors is also one of the main reasons that hold us back from thinking critically. 

Being selfish is good, but, most importantly, it is very important to ensure your selfishness brings you to the brink of understanding the depth of your choice. 

With every critical thinking and choice, you must go on with the errors that can happen. Nothing can be completely black and white; there is a gray portion, so your choice is what makes you get on with your errors and build a new self of yourself.

As a side note, if you are doing something wrong and are not ready to acknowledge it and repeatedly keep doing it just because you have already thought that you can never go wrong, there is a big problem.

You must understand that your thought process needs to change for your good. If you cannot look back at your errors, you can never look forward to your goals and achievements.

There is no harm in always double-checking the solutions for your problems regarding your weaknesses and even possible relapses with your Obsession. 

It would benefit if you remembered that you can always consider new options and view your mistakes as an opportunity to learn more and more about yourself.

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Learn to break it down:

Try to understand your scenario and try to figure out the factors which are involved with your choices. Critical thinking does not mean contemplating and pondering an issue repeatedly. 

It also means being able to see the big picture of the situation. It is great, but it is even better to go with your previous factors and dissect things into smaller sections of your issue.

You are the one who is at war between your Obsession and your love. So, do you know how giving in to your Obsession can bring you pain and disruption?

You have a rough idea but cannot completely get a sketch out of it.

So, in that case, you can break down your situation into bits and pieces and then join the scenarios to form a chain of events. In any other way, it might help you to understand your life without Obsession. 

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Make it easier for yourself:

Working out your situation in smaller sections is that it becomes easier for you to mentally digest all the negative outcomes of the Obsession, which might try to create blockage in your life and can work with them.

It is always better to work with numerous small things which might trigger you toward your Obsession. If you keep a check on those small trigger warnings, you might be able to eat the elephant bit by bit.

It is an easier task than trying harder to solve the bigger picture, which can overwhelm you and, at last, become too much for you to handle.

You must remember that your critical thinking lies with the fact that you need to settle down in your life, and with love, care, and security, you can always achieve that in the end.

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Take your steps one at a time:

So when you know you have to fight through your Obsession, you can try and think about it in several steps: take one step at a time to reach your goal.

You have arranged all the steps according to your capacity; if you can go from small to bigger bites, then do it until you can digest the whole elephant.

Critical thinking will give you the idea of finding your weak points and blind spots and exactly what you are missing out on when slowly slipping into Obsession.

Obsession is a big problem, and taking this big problem as one unit and breaking it into several pieces is the ultimate goal-oriented strategy you should follow.

Once you have clarified the steps, you are allowing yourself to start looking at the solutions. 

This segregation of your huge problem is much better handled in a much preferable manner rather than spending half your time and years overwhelmed, scared, depressed, and hopeless by the problem. 

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Please don't overcomplicate things:

You cannot reach anywhere by overcomplicating a thing that might cause you more pain than relief. 

It is fine that you are obsessed with this one person; it is fine that this one person brings out the wildness in you.

It is fine; there is something in this person which pulls you in, and you know it is not healthy. But, if you try to overcomplicate the whole scenario, it might be more difficult to handle.

Overcomplicating things is something that many of us have in common, especially when trying to grasp a problem. It is more like you are tangling the rope rather than trying to open the knots.

Critical thinking is important as it is necessary to think things through, but that does not sanction overthinking.

If you go on like this sometimes, it might make things difficult for you to begin in the first place.

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You should not be overthinking: 

You have to uncover the subtle cue between critical thinking and overthinking. There is a huge difference between the two; you cannot just let it get in your way.

There are several occasions and places where approaching your obsessive thoughts about this person with simplicity can get your job done.

You are not a person who easily will give up on yourself; you know there is light at the other end of the tunnel. So, you better go on with it rather than sit and overthink the possibilities if you take a walk up to the end of the tunnel.

If you are still skeptical and cynical about your critical thinking ability, have patience and know that you are not alone in this scenario.

Some people might not like you, does not mean you are going to get rid of them. You will find loads of people not liking you; that's how things work.

Critical thinking is not something that comes straightforward, and it takes time for you to find the way out. It will take some hard mental work from your side.

It sometimes even needs you to let go of the past, let go of what you believe in, and start working with new ideas and prospects. 

These aspects can be challenging; you might be scared of the unknown, but if you do it right, it will be worth it in the end!

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