Why does Young Sheldon not celebrate Christmas Episodes, but The Big Bang Theory does?

Why does Young Sheldon not celebrate Christmas Episodes, but The Big Bang Theory does?

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Young Sheldon had hundreds of episodes, but The Big bang Theory spinoff has never aired a Christmas special. Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory have their modest differences. They share the main character, but the sitcom is a single-camera family sitcom with many dramatic storylines. Young Sheldon caused The Big Bang Theory plot holes with viewers; Sheldon mentioned Paige during his adulthood.

The difference between the two shows seems like a plot hole, but it has some secret in-universe justification. In contrast, Young Sheldon season 6 will never stage a Christmas Special, where The Big Bang Theory has three yuletide episodes in its first season. 

Reason for not celebrating Christmas!

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Young Sheldon told Sheldon as he does not celebrate Christmas. Sheldon's adult does not feel the need to single out the holiday. Young Sheldon season 6 saw Pastor Jeff fire Mary and ban the Cooper family from the church after Georgie's and Mandy's pregnancies out. Some episodes of Young Sheldon are set during the holiday season, but this is Sheldon’s version of events, and he does not put much stock in Christmas. 

Sheldon’s feelings on Christmas are between neutral and negative. Finally, the church's exploitation of her put Sheldon off religion, resulting in him having no fond formative memories of family Christmases. 

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Christmas of The Big Bang Theory!

The Big Bang Theories have some fun episodes. The show has five Christmas episodes since The Big Bang Theory's version of Sheldon had no interest in the holiday. The Big Bang Theory celebrates Christmas as a chance to share gifts and goodwill. They can share Christmas specials where Young Sheldon adopted its hero perspective.

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