What! Drake Denies Woman’s Claim Of Having Sex With Her Without Condom

What! Drake Denies Woman’s Claim Of Having Sex With Her Without Condom

Updated on December 29, 2022 20:55 PM by Michael Davis

Claims On Drake Denies

Rapper Drake Denies has denied the statement after the woman revealed an unhappy relationship with the star.

The rapper appeared to applaud after a TikTok user went viral after a story allegedly flew her from Toronto to have sex with her, but she was subsequently kicked out, sources say.

Drake Denies seemingly stepped forward with a flat-out denial of the woman’s claims through his Instagram Story on Wednesday.

Never met. Never spoke. Never flew, Drake Denies wrote before adding he hopes people start doing more with the one life they are given; shit is sad out here.

Drake Denies did not provide a background or name for his statement, but his post was based on the fact that his fan, known on social media as imbigjas, posted a TikTok video.

The Conversation Between The Woman And Drake Denies

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The young woman said she slipped into her DMs after seeing the 36-year-old tag him in a sexy photo on Instagram. So, he had texted me in vanish mode, she said.

According to the woman, Drake Denies asking for her phone number and dropped the “heart eyes emoji.”

So, he booked his flight for November 16. Mind they all, they texting, talking, all of that, November 13, she claimed.

He had sent a private jet out to get her. But they made her sign an NDA before she got inside his house. So, she couldn’t say too much, but she looked at her NDA rules to know what she could and couldn’t say.

After entering his house, she watched some Netflix movies starring Drake Denies and talked to him.

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The Hot Scenes Between The Woman And Drake Denies

She claimed he kept rubbing her stomach and asking if she wanted kids, leading to their sexual encounter. He reportedly refused to use protection, which she found odd, but she decided to go with the flow.

After supposedly having intercourse, she hugged and said she wanted to watch another movie, but things turned left when she took out her phone to record it. It is said to have been knocked down. The woman said she was a little scared because his slap was aggressive.

Drake Denies reportedly had his security team escort her out of her home. Refusing to be called a liar, she claimed she had posted a video she recorded while in Drake Denies’s house on her Instagram page, but her account is currently set private.

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