Wednesday's showrunners are open to a possible romance with Enid

Wednesday's showrunners are open to a possible romance with Enid

Published on December 25, 2022 00:04 AM by Evelyn Mia

The Future Romance 

Wednesday showrunners Miles Millar and Al Gough are open to a future romance between Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) and Enid (Emma Myers).

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Millar explained that while the creators are open to anything, the idea of ​​sisterhood is unique to the series. Of course, the characters reveal themselves sometimes, and the funny thing about television is that it's an organic journey," he said. We need a route that takes us in unexpected directions along the way, so we're open to anything, and we want to explore that friendship in every way possible. Friendship is now key to Millar and Gough’s vision of the show, and they want to stay true to that.

Following the release of the Netflix series Addams Family, many fans saw the potential for a budding romance between Wednesday and Enid. Nonetheless, the creators want to focus on female friendships for the time being."For us, the show is also about female friendships, with the Wednesdays and Enids playing a central role," Gough said. The fact that they connected with the audience was nice, and now that we've stepped into the friendship pool on Wednesday, we're excited to explore; what does that look like?"

The Growth 

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Going forward, Gough and Millar hope to explore and "complicate" Wednesday's other relationships. The next season will explore the dynamics between Wednesday and Morticia and an interesting mother-daughter relationship. "Now that Morticia has learned about the Force, she knows ​​how it works. How will their relationship play out?" Gough said.

The daughter's parents, Gough and Millar, wanted Wednesday's character to be "fully formed" and different from other teenage female protagonists, who begin as "ugly ducklings." "I think it's so wonderful to see and a desirable role model," Millar said. It's a positive force.

Wednesday was an immediate hit with viewers, garnering nearly 6 billion minutes watched in its first week on Netflix. The show also topped him at number two on his list of Netflix's best English-language TV series of all time in his first 30 days, overtaking Ryan Murphy's Dahmer Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

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