Vol. 3 Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer Reveals Its First Look On Sylvester Stallone

Vol. 3 Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer Reveals Its First Look On Sylvester Stallone

Updated on April 14, 2023 10:42 AM by Andrew Koschiev

Marvel Studios has introduced a new trailer for its sequel, Vol. 3 of Guardians of the Galaxy, which features the first appearances of fascinating returning characters. All thanks to the new footage that can be seen in the main promos. Sylvester Stallone has to play a role in the next sequel, revising his role to perform the act of Starkar Ogord as Starhawk, who is a Ravager Captain and his team brought together by the end of Vol. 2 Guardians of the Galaxy. Similarly, Nathan Fillion will return to the Guardians franchise with the new brand act. In the latest hits of a promo clip, Vol. 3, Guardians of the Galaxy, the character Stallone’s Stakar saw in his helmet hints to the audiences to see the Starhawk of MCU in action.

The Casts and Crews In The Stakar’s Ravagers For The Final Guardians Franchise

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Fillion has seen in the trailer also who plays a new character opposite a blue-skinned alien, which he voiced for the first film. There is no context to Fillion’s character. The trailer shows his face on-screen as a brief appearance. In contrast, Stallone’s Starhawk can extend a great role in Vol. 3, Guardians of the Galaxy. From its Vol. 2 post-credits scenes, the detriment of Yondu Udonta motivated Starkar to bring together the old lineup of Ravagers. Ving Rhames as Charlie- 27, Miley Cyrus as Mainframe, Michael Rosenbaum as Martinex, Stakar’s wife Aleta as Michelle Yeoh, and Lem sorcerer Krugarr made up the remake of Guardians of the Comics.

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The Farewell tour and last ride of Guardians of the Galaxy in Vol. 3

The cast and crew are expected to unite like a team going ahead. It will be a great thrill to explore the Ravagers of Stakar in action in the final episode of the Guardians franchise. Sources reveal that Vol. 3 Guardians of the Galaxy will serve as the "last ride" and "farewell tour" for the beloved MCU Guardians. As they prepare for a difficult battle against the formidable High Evolutionary, fans are eager to witness the anticipated appearance of Stakar's team in the upcoming sequel. The possibility of Stakar's team, possibly including Gamora, who is rumored to become a Ravager in the new movie, arriving as a backup to support the current Guardians of the Galaxy, has generated immense excitement.

Vol. 3 Guardians of the Galaxy airs in theatres on the 5th of May

This potential alliance between the old and new Guardians promises to be an epic showdown, making it a highly anticipated moment for Marvel fans. Indeed, it's commendable to see that James Gunn, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, has taken care to tie up loose ends, including the character of Stakar, before the trilogy concludes. The prediction for Vol. 3 Guardians of the Galaxy, set to hit theaters on May 5th, is at an all-time high as Marvel enthusiasts eagerly await the epic conclusion of this beloved saga.

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