Miley Cyrus' Comment On Sexuality Sparked Controversy Among Netizens

Miley Cyrus' Comment On Sexuality Sparked Controversy Among Netizens

Updated on December 30, 2022 18:57 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Miley Cyrus can never overcome getting into trouble, and her recent gay statement is one such.

Miley Cyrus' dating history

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Miley Cyrus dated Liam Hemsworth for several years and later broke up with him in 2018 and started dating a gay named Kaitlynn Carter and later moved on with Cody Simpson. 

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Miley Cyrus discussed gay on Insta Live

Cyrus and Cody appeared on Instagram Live in October 2019 and discussed her status as a "hardcore feminist." She caused a stir during the live session when she advised individuals not to give up on guys and that they didn't have to become gay. 

Miley on better dicks out there

In Insta Live, she could be seen saying, being a hardcore feminist, she doesn't allow anyone to interfere. And spoke about how a good man out there asked no one to give up and one doesn't have to be gay and explained how there are good people with better dicks, and it is just one has to find them. She believed that all guys were bad, she always thought that she had to be gay, but this is untrue. There are nice people who just so happen to have dicks in the world.

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Netizens criticized Miley Cyrus

Netizens criticized Miley Cyrus for her comments and accused her of exploiting the "gay community" as a stand-in because she couldn't find a lover shortly after her video went popular on social media.

Miley Cyrus clarified her statement

Later, Miley Cyrus released a statement to clarify her remark and briefed her statement on Twitter that she talked trash about sucky dudes. To be clear, one doesn't choose their sexual orientation and says everyone was given their characteristics at birth. The safety of the LGBTQ community, of which she was a part and always maintained a priority for it. 

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