Unknown facts about Batman Returns by Warner Bros 

Unknown facts about Batman Returns by Warner Bros 

Published on December 22, 2022 00:53 AM by Ava Sara

Batman, directed by Beetlejuice guy and starring Michael Keaton as the Crusader, was a huge success. Warner Bros., through his creativity, came out with Batman Returns from Sewers, and here are unknown details about 20 facts you haven't known before.

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Fact No: 1 Warner Bros. showed interest in making a Batman sequel, but Burton showed disinterest and went to direct Edward Scissorhands.

Fact No: 2 "Batman II" was written by Sam Hamm, delivering two scripts: a penguin and a Catwoman.

Fact No: 3 Burton disliked Hamm's writing, so he worked with writer Derek Waters and got producer Peter Guber and executive producer Jon Peters.

Fact No: 4 Billy Dee Williams portrayed Harvey Dent in Batman. As you are well aware, Harvey Dent transforms into Two-Face. That was supposed to occur in Batman Returns. Dent was then entirely removed from the script. Robin was slated to play a mechanic in the film and was also dropped. Robin was assigned to Marlon Wayans, who even attended a costume fitting. Later, the character was altogether dropped from the script.

Fact No: 5 Keaton got back his role as Batman, and Annette Bening cast Catwoman. But later, Bening was dropped from the role after she got pregnant.

Fact No: 6 After Bening was dropped, Michelle Pfeiffer bagged the role, meeting the director once for this demanding role.

Fact No: 7 The role of Penguin was written keeping Danny DeVito in mind, as he wasn't officially cast on screen.

Fact No: 8 Walken was chosen to play Max Schreck even though Burton is said to have been scared of him.

Fact No: 9 David Bowie was the original option to play Max Schreck. Bowie ultimately declined the offer to appear in the Twin Peaks film.

Fact No: 10 Keaton received $10 million to reprise his role as Batman. At the time, that was important news, but Burton was outspoken about Keaton deserving it.

Fact No: 11 Burgess was the original intended target. In the film, Meredith, who portrayed the Penguin in the 1960s Batman television series, was slated to play Oswald Cobblepot's father. But Meredith couldn't since she was unwell. Paul Reubens filled the position in its place.

Fact No: 12 Even though Meredith was unable to appear, his time as Penguin had an impact on the movie. The two-parter "Hizzoner the Penguin" and "Dizzoner the Penguin" from the 1960s TV series inspired Penguin to run for mayor.

Fact No: 13 To keep Batman Returns secret, Kevin Costner was denied access to the set when he requested to visit because the art department was obliged to keep their blinds closed. Infuriated by releasing pictures of DeVito as Penguin, Warner Bros. employed a private detective to track down the perpetrator.

Fact No: 14 These latex catsuits were used frequently during the production of the movie. A whopping 60 of them, costing about $1,000, were utilized during the film.

Fact No: 15 Pfeiffer trained in kickboxing for her role as Catwoman, but her whip work truly made her stand out.

Fact No: 16 For the Penguin army, real penguins were used, 30 African and 12 King Penguins, and CGI, Robots, and even men in penguin suits were used. 

Fact No: 17 McDonald's promoted the movie through his Happy Meal as Batman Returns was too dark.

Fact No: 18 Batman Returns earned a staggering $45.69 million in its first weekend at the box office in the United States and made a box office hit in America and Canada with $162.9 million.

Fact No: 19 Batman Returns was nominated for two Oscar for Best Visual Effects and Best Makeup but bagged nothing.

Fact No: 20 Warner Bros. intended to take a lighter approach while making a new Batman movie. Keaton and Burton resigned at this point, making room for Val Kilmer's Batman Forever.

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