T.J. Holmes Affair With Amy Robach, Filed Divorce From Spouse Marilee Fiebig

T.J. Holmes Affair With Amy Robach, Filed Divorce From Spouse Marilee Fiebig

Updated on December 29, 2022 14:27 PM by Andrew Koschiev

T.J. Holmes filed an appeal for divorce from his second wife, Marilee Fiebig, amidst his suspected affair with co-host of 'Good Morning America 3', Amy Robach. 'An actor, 45-year-old, Holmes filed paperwork in New York City on Wednesday after completing 13 years of staying together', confirmed by Sources. 

Though, the duos haven't replied to the comment. One of the insiders told an immigration lawyer Marilee was blindsided by the suspected affair of his husband with his on-air friend. 

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T.J. Holmes & Marilee Fiebig Tried Working Out Things Well 

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The Source revealed that the pairs had been separated for a couple of months, but they tried hard to 'work out things' well when the sources exposed the news in late November about the suspected workplace romance. 

On 19th August, T.J. Holmes's birthday, the couple found together, and an informant said, 'She'd no clue but is devastated.' In the middle of ABC's investigation for Robach and Holmes's bond, it found that Holmes suspected a relation with a minimum of two other staffers, including a producer, Natasha Singh

Cringe-worthy Anniversary Tribute To Marilee 

Alongside, Holmes posted a 10th cringe-worthy anniversary tribute to Marilee in March 2020, giving her 'several reasons' to tear away from him throughout their marriage bond.

The former CNN anchor captioned, 'Marilee tied the knot with me, ten years ago through relic marriage photos on Instagram. And despite all my efforts, she stayed with me for ten years. 

Holmes added, 'I am not making a drama, and this isn't hyperbole. I offered her many excuses, opportunities, and reasons to move out her fine ass from the door'. He applauded the attorney's superpower of 'built-in black woman' for showing' patience and grace,' and that's inexplicable.   

Holmes further continued, 'asking Marilee Fiebig for other ten years will be asking so much,' called the past ten months a stretch' and 'lucky' for ten weeks. He stated himself as a 'decade challenge,' saying, 'if Marilee gives up her other days, I feel grateful.' 

As of now, Robach and Holmes's bond converted romantic when they started training together in March for the 'NYC Half Marathon.' 

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