The Rookie Recap: How Chenford’s Two Dates Go?

The Rookie Recap: How Chenford’s Two Dates Go?

Updated on January 04, 2023 14:08 PM by Michael Davis

ABC’s, The Rookie Recap began its return every Tuesday with the event that the ‘Chenford’ followers waited for long ‘Tim and Lucy’s first date. Did the twosome meeting go on without a glitch? Or will there be another round 2? 

From the go, starting with a medley under which both Tim and Lucy tired a Date Night on small talk with sea bass and bread. The evening, later on, teemed with chaos and anxiety. Tim has his first meal together, which might be ‘naked time.’ Lucy made it clear that she did not want the duo to rush into the bed. 

Tim clocked a turmoil Between the chef and the unruly customer

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When the first date began to quiet, Tim clocked for a turmoil in the Kitchen between the chef and an unruly customer. Their jitters were on the colleagues who responded to a 911 call and found them together. 

The next morning at the Station, Lucy and Tim started making a cover story on the incident report and spotted that they were dining together when they gave a chance to test Nolan.

He wanted to highlight the theory that Aaron and Celina have a workplace of romance vacationing. On-edge, Chenford got a call into gray’s office. The sergeant stated his view on officers who date each other. 

Chenford wanted Gray to be observant for which Lucy and Tim signed loyally. Gray alleged that Aaron and Lucy were hooking up. He wants Bradford and Chen to converse about the potential pitfalls.

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Lucy pawned off Her assignment on Nolan

Lucy hooked up her assignment on Nolan. On the other hand, Tim faced off against Aaron himself. With Aaron and Celina, nothing went well, responding to the version of ‘none of the bees was. Later, Celina cleared that they were D&D buddies and Thorsen is a Scorpio, yadda. 

At the end of the episode, the duo takes another tour to ‘the most romantic bistro in L.A,’ instead hitting a food lorry. Lucy indicated to the stories about grandkids, and Tim pulled Lucy for the first ‘real kiss’ to cap into the second Night Date. In the episode, Wesley felt about Angela making another baby as he’d only be a child from rambunctious brothers. 

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