The DC show canceled by Kevin Smith considered Harrison Ford and Nic Cage for its cast.

The DC show canceled by Kevin Smith considered Harrison Ford and Nic Cage for its cast.

Updated on August 23, 2022 14:13 PM by Andrew Koschiev

As part of WB's Strange Adventures TV show, Smith revealed the stars he and Warner Bros. wanted. Warner Bros. announced that Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti is developing another Strange Adventures anthology series.

A plot for the show has never been specified. However, reports indicate it would have hour-long episodes based on characters from across the DC canon, telling "cautionary tales" about the downsides of superpowers. Smith and Eric Carrasco wrote scripts, but no release date was given.

There will be no Strange Adventures.

After the merger between Warner Bros. Discovery and Smith in August 2022, Strange Adventures was canceled, along with the nearly completed Batgirl film being canceled. While discussing his plans for the series, Smith revealed that an episode centered around DC characters Perry White and Jimmy Olsen had been shelved.

Smith was disappointed by this news. Smith explained that he had developed a scenario for the Strange Adventures episode that would have seen the duo being taken away to the Bizzaro world by DC villain Bizzaro. Now, Smith has provided some additional details about the storyline.

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The casting cage is a proposal by Smith.

The Fatman Beyond podcast reveals Smith initially wanted Nicolas Cage as Bizzaro in the Strange Adventures episode, with Alessandro Nivola as Jimmy Olsen. Both names were considered for Perry White, but he ultimately decided on Xolo Maridueia as Harry Olsen.

The actors did not sign on for Strange Adventures, but one cannot help but wonder what would have been an amazing experience if Ford and Cage had joined DC. In 1998, Smith proposed casting Cage in Superman Lives, which failed spectacularly.

Some might be curious about the new comments.

A subtle nod to Smith's original plan to cast Cage would have been to have Cage play Bizzaro in Strange Adventures. Bizzaro is another character on Cage's list of superhero roles he came close to playing in Smith's DC plans. Unfortunately, the streak of bad luck continues for Smith's DC plans for Cage.

However, Smith's new comments might pique some curiosity about how and if he intended to fit Strange Adventures into the DCEU, despite making the cancellation of Strange Adventures even more painful.

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There may have been benefits to DCEU.

He mentions that prominent characters like Superman and Lois could not be used in his show, but at the end of each episode, he had Easter eggs for them. The DCEU might have benefited from individual episodes if the show had been released to extend the tales of its poster heroes in future films, set up new stories, and introduce new characters.

Unfortunately, Smith has been unable to take advantage of that opportunity, leaving us all wondering what other kooky tales he could have told in Strange Adventures.

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