Warner Bros. Officially cancel a show

Warner Bros. Officially cancel a show

Updated on August 04, 2022 14:11 PM by Sally Harbor


Warner Bros. Officially cancelled their show “The Flash” TV series. The entertainment company which is based in Burbank, California recently announced that it will be cancelling the CW’s flagship DC TV series with its ninth season becoming the shortest and final season of its run.

The show “The Flash” CW’s Arrowverse, which was born in 2012, will officially end with the show’s final episode marking the fact no more episodes of the series will be produced. CW Network which produces “The Flash” the TV show featuring the fastest man alive will end in 2023, though the company did not disclose the reason behind why it is ending its flagship DC TV series.

One final season

However, one thing is quite clear in this situation that the decision to continue the TV series for one final season that is the ninth season was made even before the production of its eighth season was wrapped up. Additionally, there have been also quite some believable reasons to take in the fact that the eighth season was the show’s last season.

When the TV show’s cast members and guest stars were interviewed recently before the news came in they all had a surprising effect on their faces and revealed that the show’s ninth season was a surprise for some of them as well. One of those that was surprised by the addition of a ninth season was Danielle Panabaker, the actress who is behind the iconic Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost.

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The reactions

According to Danielle Panabaker, she was emotionally planning for "The Flash's" eighth season to be their last. However, she is grateful to the show and its fans, and she hopes there's more story to be told.

Robbie Amell who plays Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm was also quite surprised with the show continuing for a ninth season. He mentioned that the eighth season was pitched to him as the final season. However, with the plan changing midseason, the ending was rewritten as a season-ender instead of a series finale.

Short and sweet

As a result of the TV show's extension and cancellation, "The Flash" ninth season will be its shortest among the other eight, with it having only 13 episodes. The length is understandable in hindsight as Grant Gustin, the actor playing Barry Allen/The Flash was reported to have agreed to a one-year, 15-episode deal.

The ninth season of the show is set to release in 2023 but fans of The CW's flagship DC TV series have an opportunity to get themselves up to speed with the Scarlet Speedster in preparation for the show's final season. So here are some sites where you can binge-watch the show.

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The CW

Decider claims that the obvious choice for where to view "The Flash" is the Arrowverse’s home. The good news is that "The Flash" on The CW’s streaming app is free to access, according to the official website of The CW Network.

Next is Netflix which is a hub of all the OG shows and series. Some of the TV shows from the Arrowverse, including "Arrow," "Supergirl," and "Legends of Tomorrow," may be found on Netflix. Another Arrowverse programme available on Netflix is "The Flash" Only seven of the TV show's eight most recent seasons are currently available on the streaming service.

Netflix is still a good option despite this because you can binge-watch all seven seasons while you wait for the eighth. According to Netflix, the price of a Standard Netflix Subscription is $15.49, while the Basic and Premium Tiers are $9.99 and $19.99, respectively.

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According to Just Watch, HBO GO is yet another way to binge-watch "The Flash." Similar to Netflix, its streaming catalogues do not, however, have all eight seasons of the show. In actuality, there are even fewer seasons than on Netflix, which only has six.

HBO could be able to add the TV show's seventh and eighth seasons to its library after six seasons, though. According to HBO, a monthly membership to HBO GO costs at least $9.99.

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