The Cocaine Bear Teaser Is As Devilishly Fun As It Sound

The Cocaine Bear Teaser Is As Devilishly Fun As It Sound

Updated on December 01, 2022 10:37 AM by Michael Davis

The Meaty Thriller 

In 1985, when everyone in Hollywood was taking a hit, an Asian black bear made national headlines after it consumed a large amount of Coke and was thrown out of a plane into the woods of Georgia by drug smugglers. It took almost 30 years for this jacked bear to finally make it to Hollywood with his Universal's Cocaine Bear, a meaty thriller loosely based on the 1985 ordeal. 

This Horror is also a Comedy, due in February; it will be directed by Elizabeth Banks and will star Keri Russell, O'Shea Jackson Jr., Margo Martindale, Game of Thrones Christopher Hivju, and Soros' Alden Ehrenreich. Ensemble, including the cast, thus he has performed.

The New Trailer 

(Image Credits: Fangoria)

The new trailer opens with two paramedics arriving in a horror movie battle scene to confront a famous cocaine bear. Russell plays a mother desperately searching for her missing child amidst a bear rampage, and Martindale plays a policeman ambushed by the beast. Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson climbed a tree to escape a bear, even though he knew full well that bears could climb trees.

The trailer uses Melle Mel's classic "White Lines (Don't Do It)" in a hilarious way. This is a groovy cautionary tale about the dangers of nasal drugs. (In the preview, Ehrenreich yells, "Bear, did cocaine! Bear did cocaine! Story" while giving a line of money. I remember reading that story and thinking.

The Cocaine Bear 

Acoustically, Cocaine Bear sounds like a crossbreed between horrific creature traits like Crawl and destructive creatures. Doomed horror like Dale vs Evil. Banks first jumped into the director's chair with Pitch Perfect 2, showing a knack for crafting the fast-paced humor that makes her successful as an actress. Her last feature film, her 2019 reboot Her Charlie's Her Angels, received mixed reviews and never found a commercial footing. 

So cocaine rebooting with her bear-like irreverent, low-risk action comedy is the logical choice. While the film absurdly promises a snake-on-a-plane (the trailer ends with a bear jumping into the open door of a speeding ambulance), Cocaine Bear has a poignant angle.

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