The best horror movies of all time include monsters, slashers, and haunted hotels

The best horror movies of all time include monsters, slashers, and haunted hotels

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The movies which make you scare

There are never any guarantees when it comes to horror movies. There are many forms in which the best scary movies can be found. Insidious, subtle, and more socially conscious than jump scares, they can make a powerful statement. Even though these horror movies are packed with gore and depravity, they're not the best.

You will also be presented with new fears you hadn't even considered before. You will be taken on a journey into darkness you had never imagined before by the best directors. It's less of a nursery rhyme and more of an ominous warning if you go down to the woods today after watching The Blair Witch Project. Nowhere is safe when it comes to the best horror movies.

The film, released in 2020 - Host

A Zoom call gone very wrong is already the precursor of post-pandemic horror. The group of friends gets together for an online mid-lockdown seance in search of something to do other than endless lockdown quizzes. An intimidatingly short 56-minute feature film runs on found footage adrenaline in a quick, sharp manner. REC, The Blair Witch Project, and Paranormal Activity are all frightening inspirations for The Host, but it delivers a frighteningly relevant horrific story that's straight out of today's fears.

Even though the original Saw may have reignited the so-called torture porn genre with its disgusting sequels, it was a brilliant horror movie rather than as gross and disgusting as you may think. The twisted tale of two men awakening in a bathroom and a corpse is made on a shoestring budget by Leigh Whannell and James Wan. 

While Saw's title refers to an instrument that a depraved killer suggests someone use to take their leg off instead of using a key to open a cuff, the film has a remarkably restrained tone. You will experience a more significant number of horrible images in your mind than what you see on the screen. 

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 The Dawn of the Dead from 1978

Despite all the talk about baths and murder - Editor's note: Hitchcock's Psycho is a genuinely great horror film - the feathery elephant in the room needs to be addressed. Tippi Hedren's Melanie Daniels delivers some love birds to Bodega Bay, but the wild-winged residents choose human eyes over discarded chips when delivering a shipment of love birds. 

Despite its gentleness, the idea that zombies still wander the mall after death is disturbing, and Night's sequel is filled with relentless violence. Adapted from a short story by Daphne du Maurier, The Birds is a wonderfully creepy piece of cinema.

There is a 2004 movie called Shaun of the Dead

Thanks to Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the good zombies have returned to our screens after Scream reignited the teen slasher movie. When his mom needs rescuing, his girlfriend needs to be retrieved, and he has to keep everyone safe before tea, he realizes he has to be the hero everyone deserves. 

Despite the best of intentions, things don't quite go as planned. Despite playing for laughs at every opportunity, Shaun of the Dead is a horror movie at its core. Despite being tempered by brilliant comic writing, its staggering relentlessness is a constant fear, as Romero intended with a slow zombie horde.

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In 1984, the film Nightmare on Elm Street was released

With the development of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise over the years, Freddy Krueger has become firmly ensconced in the realm of killer clowns as well. As you can see from Wes Craven's original movie, Freddy is no joke. You'll die laughing even if he sprays your organs all over the walls. 

Due to selective memory, we often fail to remember that an angry mob of parents burned this serial child killer alive. While Springwood spawns sleep, Freddy takes on a new generation of Springwood creatures with his favorite murder glove, making him the ultimate boogeyman.

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 In 2014, the Babadook was released

When Jennifer Kent's haunted pop-up book was released, it seemingly became the boogeyman of an entire generation. There were hisses of gleeful laughter across offices and pubs. "Have you seen The Babadook? I didn't sleep all night," said one worker. There is something scary about the Babadook. This movie gets under your skin and stays there for quite a while. It's about a young widow trying to care for her young son after losing her husband.

The Babadook isn't just about scaring audiences, like the best horror movies on the list. A lot of questions are also raised by it. One of the most disturbing scenes in the film involves a young mother attempting to drive her son while she loses control of the wheel, which is no accident. Initially, The Babadook might look like something out of The Conjuring universe but dive more profound, and this is an intelligent and grueling fright-fest that knows precisely what you fear.

In 2011, The Cabin in the Woods was released

The horror genre was in the midst of a self-referential crisis in 2011. The fourth wall was shattered as character after character quipped about the masked slasher genre in Scream 4's intro. What are the possibilities for comedy horror in the future? We don't want to see horror movies again after hearing leading actresses claim. I saw this in a movie once. 

According to the reanimated corpse, some life is still left in it. Like someone armed with a laser sight and a nail gun from Final Destination 3, The Cabin in the Woods manages to pin not just one but all the horror tropes. It turns out that these attractive twenty-somethings are in for much more than they bargained for when they reach the titular location. The other one is Chris Hemsworth.

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The film Quiet Place (2018)

What's scarier than the idea of raising a family in a world populated by monstrous creatures with supernatural hearing? In its 90 minutes, A Quiet Place plays with movie audio in a new way. It follows the Abbott family in their silent slog through a miserable existence where every sound could be their last in John Krasinski's first horror film with Emily Blunt. 

 The premise is simple, but the results are chilling tension guaranteed to increase your heart rate. Humans are loud, as it turns out. There is a boom of footsteps. There are a crunch in the food—painfully creaking doors. Using stunning sound effects, every sound the family makes feels like one more step towards death.

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2007's Paranormal Activity

After The Blair Witch Project brought found footage horror back into the spotlight in 1999, Paranormal Activity revolutionized the genre. Oren Peli's first movie is a haunting tale of a family experiencing strange goings-on within their Los Angeles home. As always, Micah keeps an eye on things while they sleep, using a camera set up at the foot of their bed. 

The dark room is home to whatever lurks in the darkness, regardless of your favorite snoozing position or habits. You'll never want to lie on another bed again after experiencing the next bumps in the Night. This is why Paranormal Activity is such a nerve-jangling experience.

A film from 1977 called Suspiria

As young dancer Suzy arrives at the famous ballet school of Dario Argento's Suspiria, he assaults your senses and your stomach. A young woman is systematically killed one by one, and she fails to heed the girl running in the other direction. Argento's original movie remains a gory cut above the remake even after multiple cuts around violence. 

The reasons are apparent. The experience of Suspiria is anything but easy. Every color screams its way into your eyes like technicolor violence, and every murder demands you watch every moment in agonizing detail. The soundtrack is so disturbing that you might have accidentally found Hell's playlist on Spotify. 

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 It Was released in 2015

There are many ways in which infection is spread in horror movies. Transformative viruses are injected here, bites there. The ghost of a videotape that came and got you seven days later even came and got you while watching a tape. It Follows and comes after you if you do the nasty, so you do the ugly to add a new spin. 

Even though it may sound like a 21st-century horror about a sexually transmitted curse that should be flung off a cliff, It Follows is one of the terrifying films you will ever see. Their joint effort to defeat the supernatural entity proves how good Jay's friends are.

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The film from 1981 is called An American Werewolf in London

There is nothing new about comedy horror. We have been watching horror movies for decades as they have managed to make us laugh and scream at the same time. The legendary comedy director John Landis demonstrates how to perform this particular circus trick in An American Werewolf in London. 

The Slaughtered Lamb pub proves unsafe for two American backpackers, David and Jack, who decide to continue their journey rather than stay for the Night there. Those who remain in the path are even told they will be fine. Jack, bitten by a mysterious lupine predator on the moors, is tragically killed by a mysterious predator. David is rushed to a London hospital with bite wounds.

The scary film Rec in the year 2007

Firstly, let's pretend. Quarantine is not an English remake. Now that we've cleared that up let's look at what true horror lurks inside a Barcelona apartment block in this Spanish thriller. The official classification is a zombie movie, but it feels more like the story of infection than the shuffling hordes. The set-up for this found footage horror film is straightforward, as it is with all the best movies.

 Gradually and expertly, Recreation ramps up. When a call about a woman behaving strangely in her apartment comes in, the crew of a morning TV show follows the firefighters. The team of emergency workers is followed enthusiastically by Angela and Pablo. When you are tense, you will not realize it until it is too late.

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The film released in 1999 is The Blair Witch Project

Have you ever wondered why so few people go camping in the woods? Millennials don't need to be near a charging point at all times because they have become accustomed to sleeping inside. A generation of millennials have seen The Blair Witch Project in their early teens, and we like to sleep inside now. 

To find out more about the Blair Witch, Heather, Mike, and Josh interview the locals before heading into the woods where she may reside, which is a particularly horrific tale you'd hope was to keep kids healthy. This story is not exactly a happy ending since all these tapes have been discovered.

The scary film in 2015, The Witch

In Robert Eggers' frightening period drama, he follows the eviction of a Puritan family from their colony, which he describes as "an old American folk tale." When William and his five children try to survive alone on a farm in the deep, dark woods, shouting 'don't do it at the screen doesn't work.

There's no need to spoil anything by saying it doesn't go well. A dysfunctional family faces an outside force staring down at them from the trees as Thomasin, the eldest daughter played by Anya Taylor-Joy, struggles to cope with the tense unraveling of her family's dysfunction. 

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