The 'A Christmas Open House' actors, Ben and Erin Napier of HGTV, discuss their acting debut: It seemed insane

The 'A Christmas Open House' actors, Ben and Erin Napier of HGTV, discuss their acting debut: It seemed insane

Published on December 01, 2022 00:53 AM by Anna P

Ben and Erin Napier, stars of HGTV, are pursuing a career in filmmaking.

The home makeover stars said they would be making their acting debuts in the upcoming holiday movie, "A Christmas Open House," in an interview with News sources.

"The idea that anyone would want to film in Laurel, Mississippi seemed absurd, and the locals shared this opinion. Not something I would have ever included on my life's bingo card, "Erin shared in jest.

The Napiers, who are well-known for remodeling dream homes for their show "Home Town," reside in Laurel, Mississippi, with their two children, Helen, 4, and Mae, 18 months.

Victor Rasuk, Bobbi Eakes, and Katie Stevens are also featured in the Discovery+ film. The Christmas film centres on an Atlanta property stager who goes to her hometown to renovate her mother's house to sell it. She reunites with her high school crush while there.

In the holiday movie, Erin and Ben play Sarah and Henry Wright, house restoration experts.

"Home Town" season six and "Home Town Takeover" season two were both being filmed at the same time as the movie, according to Ben.

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Erin added, "while being home every night at 5:00 to be with our newborn daughters."

The pair mentioned Helen's start to school this year, which they described as a "monumental" occasion for the Napier family. Helen attended class three times a week.

In addition, the couple's own 4,000-square-foot farmhouse in Mississippi has just undergone completion.

"Outside of town, in the country, we purchased a farmhouse built in the English Tudor style in the 1920s. It's really rural and rather lovely, "Ben divulged. "We were both raised on farms. We wanted our daughters to have that experience because I was always working on farms while growing up in the country."

A childhood with tangled hair and no shoes, Erin continued. "They have never examined iPads, phones, or anything else similar. And we intend to continue doing so for as long as we can. And all of our kids want to be outside."

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Soon, "Home Town" will begin production on season seven of their HGTV program. Ben and Erin both acknowledged that they had no idea the show would be as successful as it was.

Ben said, "The pilot, we felt like this wasn't going to be anything." "This will be a lot of fun for a few weeks, and here we are," they said. "One day, our kids will enjoy hearing about it."

Erin continued, "We feel really blessed, and it's just surreal.

Because everyone engaged is so at ease, Ben compared "HomeTown" to "stretchy jeans" or their "favorite pair of sweatpants." They revealed that they arrive home by 5:30 every day so they may spend time with their girls, including lunch.

Erin remarked, "I mean, it's a dream. Then, it seems like a huge learning experience and also feels very significant and impactful because you can see the difference it makes when you do new things, like "Home Location Takeover," when you go to a different town, and flex muscles we have never utilized.

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In "Home Town Takeover," which debuted in May 2021, Ben and Erin work with a team of home improvement experts to visit various neighborhoods and build people's dream houses.

"You get to introduce the power of the show to a new community," Ben said. And while it may require us to use new muscles, it also feels like a pretty admirable thing to do for the world.

"The film was then a completely different exercise for the imagination. the new muscle that we have never used. Yes, we are employing every muscle." he added.

Ben and Erin encountered difficulties while filming "HomeTown" and "Home Town Takeover" at the same time while Erin was pregnant with their youngest daughter, Mae, during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ben humorously said, "There are all these obstacles that come with making it, but I always tell folks, it beats the Hell out of digging ditches."

Erin continued, if it wasn't difficult, "it might not feel as satisfying to see the finished product."

On Discovery+, "A Christmas Open House" is currently streaming.

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