Streaming Wars: Content Removal And Revenue Shift

Streaming Wars: Content Removal And Revenue Shift

Updated on August 12, 2023 11:41 AM by Andrew Koschiev

Streaming Wars: Content Removal and Revenue Shift

( Streaming Wars: Content Removal and Revenue Shift Image Credits: Deadline)

Mostly every streaming platforms streams big and great shows continuously and here comes a great competition between the platforms, which comed under how many subscribers are there? How many are watching the streamed shows. This competition ultimately turns out the result about who is the winner and who is the loser?

Why Content is getting Removed from Streaming Platforms?

When you are watching your favorite show one day and the next day the show vanishes. What would be your reaction? Ofcourse, you will be furious. Now, tv shows, dramas, movies and series are removed from popular streaming platforms due to different reasons like the expiration of license agreement or they want to save money. The money can be save or you can say revenue can be generated due to the removal of these movies or shoes.

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Content Removal from Popular Platforms

Streaming Wars: Content Removal and Revenue Shift

( Streaming Wars: Content Removal and Revenue Shift Image Credits: Apps)

Recently, Hulu, which has been a great streaming platform and has great numbe rof subscribers has removed top shows which was loved and appreciated by the audience like Alaska & The Company you Keep, these shows just streamed its one season while before the streaming of the second season it has been removed.

Additionally, another famous platform like Disney+are Big Shot, Just Beyond, The Mighty Ducks and more. The fans are in full rage due to these recent removal of the content.

According to the reports, removing the content from streaming platforms will have a loss of about  US $1.5 Billion. They will not stop here, more contents are going to be removed that will cause a great loss the writers, directors, producers and actors and all their hardwork is soon going to be in vain.

Current Situations of Streaming Platforms

The hollywood studio streaming services are facing a great loss due to financial crisis and loosing subscribers.

First, we can talk about the greatest streaming platform which is Netflix which has lost over 200,000 subscribers in 2022 and that was the first time it has been in loss after consecutive addition of subscriber from years. On the opposite, in these years Wall’s street had predicted that the platform would gain a million more subscribers.

Disney+ lost around 2.4 million subscribers, leaving a great loss to the revenue and future subscription.

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Reactions of Fans and Content Creators

When there will be no samples to show of actors, writers or producers for the future projects to work on, then it will be a loss for the content creators.

 Like, ‘Eliza Skinner’ who was a writer of the show ‘Earth to Ned’ was not aware that the show is removed from the streaming platform until she saw the news in a blog and in a published article.

On the other hand, the fans are not happy for their unannounced behaviour, and left the fans of those removed particular shows furious and outrageous.

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New Strategies of Platforms to Maximize the Revenue

Streaming Wars: Content Removal and Revenue Shift

( Streaming Wars: Content Removal and Revenue Shift Image Credits: Shows)

Now after facing the low subscriber and revenue issues by the platforms they have decided to sign different deals with each other like Disney+ and Netflix has signed a deal according to which some shows on Disney+ like Band of Brothers, The Pacific and more will be streaming on Netflix as well.

Final Words

At last, the only solution to the problem is to sign different deals between various platforms or cost cutting measures in streaming must be take in order to overcome the subscribers deficiency or the subscription charges must be reduced so that more people can subscribe to the platforms that will benefit both creators and streaming platforms.

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