See The ‘Sister Wives’ Stars In Season 1 Vs. Season 18

See The ‘Sister Wives’ Stars In Season 1 Vs. Season 18

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( See The ‘sister Wives’ Stars In Season 1 Vs. Season 18 :creadits/ Entertainment Tonight)

The Sister’s Wives premiered on Sunday that is on the 20th of August, and this brown family has been separated during the season Christine left his husband Kody in the very lst season and Jenelle another wife got separated from him when reunion was happening during the season.

And during the season 18, it was discussed that what was wrong between the two Kody and Brown that made them separate with each other.

In these situations, Meri also decided to separated from her husband and seriously wants to move on from that relationship. It is very saddened to hear that because we have always seen that family happy with each other when the sister started in 2010, the family had three children and with another marriage they had more children and there was a time that their children had started having children.

Then the family started to move from Utah to Nevada and then finally moned to Arizona, when they were moving they had a dream to build houses on the same mountains but now the relation between them is not good though as they are having quarrels with each other and now it seems that the dream of building a house together would never come true. 

Kody in season 1 was happy and there is a great comparison between the same personalities but different times.

See The ‘sister Wives’ Stars In Season 1 Vs. Season 18

( See The ‘sister Wives’ Stars In Season 1 Vs. Season 18 :creadits/ Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

Witness the difference between his statements when he was interviewed in Season 1 and Season 18.

In season one his thoughts about marriage was, “I like getting married, and now I have decided to go on that path and make it my personal lifestyle. H further added, “If you are loving getting married for the first time then you would never regret of doing it again for the second time.”

In season 18, he does not look happy as before the reason behind this sadness is of getting separated from Christine after spending a great life with each other.

And it is obvious because of the clashes between his other wives that the separation from his other wives Meri and Janelle is about to happen.

Upon separation he shared, “I have always done that thing which is right to me and now I do not feel like doing those things again as the environment made me forget that good deed of mine, and when you loose something, you surely turns into a devil who does not know what is wrong and what is right.”

The same situation goes with his other wives as they are not happy with him more and each wife want to be separated from him and want to move on happily.

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