Return of the legend After the Oscar Slap

Return of the legend After the Oscar Slap

Updated on August 23, 2022 11:29 AM by Anna P

Where there is a WILL, there is a way

He returned to Instagram to share a video of himself and his son Trey Smith coming across a "big ass spider." Will Smith has returned to Instagram in full force.

The actor released a video of himself and his son Trey Smith, 29, battling a spider after teasing his comeback to social media.

The father-and-son team in the video observed that a large tarantula was only a few feet away from them in the late-night hours of August 20. Will says, "What the hell," as the video is being recorded. It's a massive ass, that.

Trey or someone else in the video adds, "That's a tarantula," to the conversation.

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Will demonstrate the Spider

Then, 53-year-old Will laughs and demonstrates his feet, remarking that he is standing on a chair to get off the ground where the Spider is moving around. "Posting this from a Holiday Inn," he wrote as the video's caption.

Savvy Amusing, a comedian, wrote, "Yaw safely got that out good thing you seen it dude you would of been Peter Parker in the a.m." in response to Jamie Foxx's three laughing/crying emojis on the post.

Adrienne, the Red Table Talk host "Will's mother-in-law Gam" Norris, added her two cents, saying, "When all of you get through, come get the one in my yard! Please and thanks! It's a friggin jungle outside!"

Will was testing the social media waters just the day before by releasing a video of a young gorilla prodding a giant adult gorilla. In the video, the young gorilla approaches the adult gorilla with trepidation and pokes its back before scurrying away. The adult gorilla chases after the baby gorilla in rage when he repeats the behavior.

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I attempted to get back on social media but said the video's caption

Readers rapidly expressed support for Will in the post's comments section. We'll be happy to have you back, man! said one supporter. "You have been missed! Everyone experiences bad things. Like the rest of us, you are a human being. WILL, COME BACK!"

One more wrote, "Everyone makes errors. Come on, bro."

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After slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars for making a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, the King Richard actor first took a break from social media back in March. Will was expelled from the Academy and prohibited from attending its events for the following ten years. In addition, he apologized publicly online, calling his behavior at the Oscars "inacceptable and unforgivable," before going four months without posting anything on social media.

Then, in July, Will broke his online silence by recording a seven-minute YouTube video in which he expressed "deep sorrow" for his actions at the award event and acknowledged that his conduct was improper.

No part of me believes that was the appropriate course of action at the time, he said. No part of me believes that is the best response to being treated disrespectfully or insulted.

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