Reese Witherspoon is ‘so busy,’ according to Josh Lucas, who claims he ‘campaigned’ her for the ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ sequel

Reese Witherspoon is ‘so busy,’ according to Josh Lucas, who claims he ‘campaigned’ her for the ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ sequel

Published on December 12, 2022 01:22 AM by Anthony Christian

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Josh Lucas is debating going back to where the sky is so clear.

Over 20 years after he and Reese Witherspoon starred in the 2002 romantic comedy, the actor, 51, revealed he "would love to" star in a sequel to ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ while speaking to news sources. He has even explored the idea with his former romantic lead.

"I worked for her. Although I won't claim she's the issue, I do believe that Reese's busy schedule has something to do with it " he stated.

Lucas said, "I honestly feel that she wants to be a part of it; I'm assuming, I hope. "It's not so simple for her to carve out that area of her life. I wish she could find time to do it because I don't have the same obligations or time restrictions. I'll be there on Sunday."

When Witherspoon, 46, reviewed the film on ‘Today with Hoda & Jenna in October, she noted that a sequel "would be a great idea."

Witherspoon portrayed Melanie, a blossoming New York City fashion designer, in Sweet Home Alabama. Melanie marries Andrew, her eligible sweetheart (Patrick Dempsey). She must travel to her native Alabama, where her first husband Jake (Lucas), in order to obtain divorce papers, in order for them to live happily ever after.

When we were filming that movie, Lucas recalled thinking to himself, "Wow, this woman is a truly intelligent, powerful person," as reported by news sources

"Not simply because she was a fantastic actor and comedian – she was in her mid-20s at the time. Reese will operate a movie company, I said to the director and to a few other individuals. They asked, "Really?" "He remembered. "She's become a mogul if you look at what she's doing," someone said.

Witherspoon honored their film's 20th anniversary in September with a moving homage and some of the audience's favorite sequences. She captioned the photo, "Sweet Home Alabama came out twenty years ago and utterly transformed my life.

"Amazing performers Josh, Patrick, Dakota, Melanie, Jean, Ethan, Mary Kay, Fred, and Candace made for an incredible experience while filming this movie. There are so many wonderful sequences, but my favourite sentence is, "So I can kiss you whenever I want,"" Witherspoon kept talking. "Do you recall when you first saw it?"

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