Recaps of General Hospital: Spencer And Trina Work Together

Recaps of General Hospital: Spencer And Trina Work Together

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Brook Lynn is shocked when Chase arrives at the Rice Plaza. She didn't expect him to show up. Chase told Dante to inform him about the board to get a review on his case in the spring, all thanks to her. He was surprised by how she did and thought about what he wanted. 

Unexpectedly, Linc intruded and asked if this duet had happened or not. He said if it didn't, Brook Lynn made cozy to their partnerships and said her songs goodbye. Felicia and Mac came and connected with Sam and Dante. Mac's phone rings, so he makes excuses to himself. Ninna dressed in an outfit of Mrs. Claus. Sasha ran into Donna and Sonny, who took a girl to get an insight into reindeer. 

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Trina and Spencer Met Each other 

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At Trina's house, she is surprised to see Spencer at the door. Trina greeted them and looked around as they went for Christmas decorations. She said it is not her sense of style. Curtis and Marshall tried out and made things well for her. Trina praised the effort. However, it will not work well. 

Spencer said he felt sorry for Rory. While Trina dirges on her fault. She expelled that Esme is being caught, which will make things right. Spencer promised to bring her justice if PCPD couldn't. He suspected that he was the biggest target of Esme now and then, and he drew out. Trina thought his plan to attract Esme was potential but missed something. 

She thought if they made up turning one another after the death of Rory, it would slay Esme. It seemed unsafe for her, but she told him he was well-known for his work. Both of them shake on it. 

At Wyndemere's room, Esme sang her version of 'Jingle Bells' on the tune of 'Jingle hell.' She dreamt of spending a New Year’s Eve with her family. Nikolas arrived with a cup of drink and asked about the family. He told her that she's no adoptive family and made the biological family a mystery. 

Nikolas laughed at the person who gave a damn about her, which appeared sad. Esme was surprised at how Ava respected him being out there and not celebrating Christmas Eve with her. She mumbled, 'Daddy will feel so pleased'….

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