On RHOP, Robyn apologizes to Candiace, but fans don't believe her

On RHOP, Robyn apologizes to Candiace, but fans don't believe her

Updated on December 12, 2022 15:51 PM by Andrew Koschiev

On Bravo, at 8 pm ET on Sunday, December 11, 2022, Real Housewives of Potomac aired a brand-new episode. As cast members returned from Miami, the episode explored the possibility of resolving issues and hashing out potential conflicts. While some were resolved, others only led to confrontations, arguments, and fights, keeping viewers on the show.

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Robyn decided this week to repair her relationship with Candiace on this week's episode of RHOP. While the two ladies talked it out, the fans were unsure whether Robyn was being honest or not. Season 7 of the hit series has been incredibly popular

The cast members returned to their normal routines on tonight's episode of RHOP after their vacation from Miami. Ashley began creating TikTok videos again, while Mia and Candiace spent quality time with their families. Her education will be used to advance her music career, she revealed after receiving her MBA from Howard University.

Hopefully, we will be able to talk soon

The RHOP star revealed that she was planning her first backyard party while discussing it with her husband. She explained that she was looking forward to conversing with the housewives. During the Miami trip, the ladies revealed that Karen had been dating other men, which was eventually revealed, and the RHOP star wanted to make things right with her.

In response to Candiace's Instagram video slamming fellow cast members, Ashley spread the rumor, which angered Karen. After what transpired between them on the final night in Miami, Robyn texted her saying she wanted to talk to her about the rumor she spread on the show.

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Confessions of disappointment were made

The former made her fellow castmate's Instagram video public, so Robyn left Candiace a message stating that they needed to talk. She confessed to being disappointed by Candiace's behavior toward her podcast partner Gizelle when she mentioned it to him.

She decided, however, to talk to Candiace about it all. In conversation, she revealed that her stylist's sister and brother-in-law had both died in car accidents, which made her realize that life wasn't long and that she had to make peace with any "beef" she had with anyone.

The feelings of fans were expressed

Many fans expressed their feelings about Candiace and Robyn's conversation on social media. They believed that they had a genuine conversation and that they had made amends in a genuine way. Robyn was slammed for being fake by some since she was the one who made Candice's video public, instead of speaking privately to her. 

Some did not understand how the two were even friends, given the amount of drama between them. There appears to be no end to the drama as the girls keep getting involved in more conflicts, leading to significant amounts of drama. Viewers will have to tune in to see what else the ladies have in store.

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