Making ‘Alice, Darling’ was a ‘cathartic’ experience for Anna Kendrick after her breakup

Making ‘Alice, Darling’ was a ‘cathartic’ experience for Anna Kendrick after her breakup

Published on December 21, 2022 02:26 AM by Anna P

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In her new suspense movie, Alice; Darling, Anna Kendrick discusses how making the movie helped her get through a trying year.

On Monday's episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the actress discussed the "cathartic" process she went through while portraying her character, who battles with psychological and emotional trauma, while sipping French 75 cocktails—favored Kendrick's holiday libation.

I thought, "Oh, I don't know if this is too soon to be performing this role," because the movie was so intimate. Kendrick, 37, talked about her initial anxiety.

The project's focus, she continued, also revolves around "the strength of friendship in the way that you can get through hardships if you have the right people in your corner."

"I know that's how I got out and how I started my rehabilitation," Kendrick stated in reference to her own experience.

"So I had some time to kind of deal with that," Kendrick continued. Between reading the script for the first time and beginning filming, I had around six months.

Two months before the film's scheduled release, Kendrick appeared on Clarkson's show and first began discussing her ideas.

The actress admitted that it was really difficult for her to keep quiet. The floodgates finally started to let up since I had stayed silent about it for such a long time, and I became aware that I had been trauma-dumping on Kelly Clarkson.

Overall, according to Kendrick, the movie-making process "was tremendously therapeutic," and she counsels others to "keep showing up" for people they know are struggling.

In the moving drama, which is helmed by Mary Nighy and written by Alanna Francis, Kendrick plays Alice. She is a woman who is emotionally mistreated by her wealthy lover Simon because of their relationship (Charlie Carrick).

To her friends Kaniehtiio Horn and Wunmi Mosaku, Alice appears distressingly distant when they are on a birthday outing. Alice steadily falls apart as a result of Simon's mind games, and her friends try to intervene and help.

During the world premiere of the movie in September at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Oscar nominee explained to new sources why Alice's story “resonated" with her.

Kendrick stated that she had just recovered from a personal experience of emotional and psychological assault when she first came across the screenplay. "I think my agent sent it to me since he was aware of my predicament and sent it to me. Because of this, he added, "This sort of speaks to everything you've been talking to me about.""

It felt particularly different because, to be honest, I had watched a lot of movies about toxic or violent relationships, and what was happening to me didn't exactly resemble those stories. It assisted me in normalizing and minimizing what was happening to me because I reasoned that if I were in an abusive relationship, it would seem that way.

Kendrick, Alice, Darling is the first endeavour this important to her that she has undertaken.

She told news sources, "Usually, I just read a fantastic script and I like the people involved, and I create the movie." And the discovery of this script at that time in my life was truly surprising timing.

In fact, I remember telling the director Mary Nighy what I was going through in our first Zoom meeting, the actress said. I even said to her, "It simply took place yesterday. In fact, it happened so recently that if the movie was shooting in a month, I probably shouldn't do it."

"However, it was still months away. I therefore didn't have to worry about reliving my trauma. But yes, it's undoubtedly a distinctive experience, "Kendrick threw in.

Beginning on December 30 in Los Angeles, Alice, Darling's theatrical run will last until January 20, 2023, when it will only be shown at AMC Theaters across the nation.

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