Liz realises Ava was stabbed the night Stella dropped the bomb on Jordan

Liz realises Ava was stabbed the night Stella dropped the bomb on Jordan

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Despite being closed, Ms Wu still stops by the club to order an iced tea. Cody arrives to thank Ms Wu for meeting with him. He proposes a project for her to consider. A congratulatory call from N'neka about Ms Wu prompts Curtis to leave for the meeting as soon as possible.

Chase and Gregory hang out with Violet at the Metro Court pool; Finn and Curtis join them. Chase and Violet return to the pool while Gregory and Finn discuss Liz after Curtis leaves. Finn confides in his father that she has struggled with a puzzling memory. Ms Wu is at the club and does not know what Cody has to offer.

He wants in on the next game, and if she pays for it, he'll lighten the other players' wallets and give her a cut. In addition to covering his entry fee, Ms Wu tells him to follow her directions. As well as advising him whom to help win, she will tell him whom to make sure loses.

The system got upgraded

In the end, Curtis finds Ms Wu still at his bar when he arrives. When he asks Ms Wu whom she met, she snaps that it is not his business and that she stayed to give him a gift. She is upgrading the sound system at his club. He refuses to help her. She leaves him to think about it for a while. Jermaine asks Curtis if he has found "it" when alone.

Jordan leaves the building and asks Stella if she is looking for her. Eventually, Stella confesses that she is here to discuss Curtis and Portia's engagement. Jordan yells at Stella that she has no right to play God with their marriage. Jordan asks Curtis if he knows. Stella admits he doesn't since she wanted her to know first.

He tells Stella Jordan is still part of the family. Curtis says his attorney hadn't found any records of their divorce, so he wonders how that can be. He is glad for Brook Lynn when she tells Ned that she and Chase are dating in the Quartermaine kitchen. Brook Lynn is confident that they will succeed.

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The hospitalisation of Ava the night

Ned warns them that, as business partners, they may get driven crazy by what they love about each other. Dante asks Liz for the records of the night Ava was hospitalised. During the night, he wanted to check if anyone else had been attacked, so if not, then Ava had been targeted. Liz was unable to locate any other incidents of attack.

Dante asks the nurse if she can recall anything else that night as Nikolas arrives. No other comments are available from Liz, and Nikolas asks Dante if they are any closer to finding out who did this. Dante says it's still under investigation. Nikolas and Liz need to speak after Dante walks away.

The protection from the problems

The two go into a private room. During her conversation, Liz breaks down that her life is out of control right now. He assures her he doesn't, and she's just overthinking. He embraces her and tells her it'll be okay. Finn suddenly walks into the room. He asks Ava who he is protecting her from in her room, knowing she and Nikolas are having problems.

Ava asserts that Nikolas would not stab her despite their problems. He is unsure of what happened with Esme, so he asks her to come clean. He swears if he finds out Nikolas stabbed her, he won't let that stand, and she promises him she won't let this happen. Dante worries that Mac will try to pin it on him.

No indication has been given to Dante that Mac considers Cody a suspect. It is possible Mac was Dominique's friend, so that the detective might be asking about him. Dante promises not to be held responsible for Ava's stabbing to return to work. Cody calls Ms Wu and tells her he will be her ringer. As he heads off, Dante promises not to take the fall.

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