Suspects for Jordan Ridgeway's death: Theories around the death in Days of Our Lives

Suspects for Jordan Ridgeway's death: Theories around the death in Days of Our Lives

Updated on August 02, 2022 17:39 PM by Michael Davis

Who is the real killer

Soap opera fans kick the bucket to realize who killed Jordan on Days of our Lives. Since the bounce showed Ben in jail for killing his sister, watchers have addressed who the genuine executioner is. Ben has kept up with his blamelessness from the very beginning.

Even though he was the one to find Jordan dead, he didn't carry out the thing. Watchers saw pre-streak forward Ben finding Jordan's body in the home he imparted to his better half, Ciara. There has never been any inquiry that Ben is honest about killing his sister. The question has forever been tied in with realizing who killed Jordan.

Jordan's killer theory went wrong

Ciara was sure her granddad Victor had Xander kill Jordan and edge Ben for the homicide. It was no mysterious Victor needed Ben out of his granddaughter's life. After Victor had a monstrous stroke because of a battle with Ciara, he and Xander finally confessed the mystery they were keeping.

Xander and Victor let Will go to jail, realizing he was not the individual who caused the mishap that killed Adrienne. They came clean with Ciara about the critical evening and their commitment to safeguarding Maggie. Her driving alcohol purportedly caused the accident. Tragically, it wasn't so much that they killed Jordan and outlined Ben for Ciara and Ben.

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David's father killed Jordan's theory

There is half a month left until Ben's execution. Since he has gotten away from jail, with the assistance of his father Clyde, Ben and Ciara should find the genuine executioner while they are on the run. Ciara accepts the executioner could be the dad of Jordan's child David. It is a decent hypothesis. Additionally, it is the main hypothesis she or Ben has right now. The issue is nobody realizes who David's dad is.

Since Jordan previously educated him about her child, Rafe has dealt with the youngster. Following the time-hop, David had another babysitter, Evan. A new episode included Evan tearing up Rafe's reception papers for David. Presently fans are persuaded that besides the fact that Evan David's dad, however, is that he is likewise the person who killed Jordan.

Other potential suspects

At present, the hypothesis that Jordan's executioner is David's dad appears to be the most sensible. Indeed, many individuals disdained Jordan. However, none pop as the killer. She grabbed Chad and Abigail's child, be that as it may, they were both in Paris at the hour of Jordan's homicide. It is far-fetched both of them returned to Salem to off Jordan.

However, Rafe is another chance, not a reasonable one. One of the main reasons he made the rundown is that information entertainer Galen Gering is leaving the NBC daytime show this late spring. Rafe is an unrealistic suspect because he could never allow a blameless man to go to jail. He is a cop and a lot of an upstanding resident to sit by and watch Ben face capital punishment.

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