LaKeith Stanfield engaged to Kasmere Trice as another woman revealed he fathered her unborn child

LaKeith Stanfield engaged to Kasmere Trice as another woman revealed he fathered her unborn child

Updated on January 03, 2023 20:07 PM by Michael Davis

Just hours after Stanfield announced his engagement to fiancée Kasmere Trice, a lady claimed that  LaKeith Stanfield was her child's dad.

Stanfield announced engagement news

(Image Credits: Yahoo News)

On Friday, the 31-year-old The Get Out actor announced the engagement news by uploading a chain of black-and-white pictures of a ring on social media, and the engagement happened on Trice's birthday. 

LaKeith wished his fiancée on the same day of the announcement of the engagement news wished a happy birthday to his fiancée.

The following day, the couple shared images of themselves sharing images of enjoying the New Year together, and artist Tylor Hurd claimed that the actor was the father of her unborn child and shared a now-deleted Instagram video of the actor spending time with her.

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Tylor Hurd Tweet

Hurd tweeted the video saying he decided to leave a secretive family in 2022 to meet Apollo Stanfield, as per the footage shot by the entertainment website The Neighborhood Talk.

The now-deleted footage highlighted comments from Stanfield as he thanked her for not letting his child out in public and thanked her for considering that in public. 

Hurd wrote in a remark as he misled people claiming she wasn't his child or that she was just a random person as he values his privacy. However, he respects his privacy, but his girlfriend posts everything on social media. 

He closed his response back, saying he never once admitted that she was not his baby and this is what she wants from him. 

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Reason for Hurd's sudden revelation

Hurd revealed her motivation for making the footage public hours later, explaining that she was not jealous of him as he got engaged to a girl he had known for five months. She further explained that she tried all her luck to meet the girl and explain things, but she kept ignoring her. She is now thinking about what to do with her child, and those clips of her and Stanfield are the proof.

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