'Joker: Folie A Deux': Premiere Date, Cast Members, and Everything You Need To Know 

'Joker: Folie A Deux': Premiere Date, Cast Members, and Everything You Need To Know 

Published on December 13, 2022 01:46 AM by Ava Sara

The Clown Prince of Crime is set to return to the big screen. Joaquin Phoenix (played by Joaquin Phoenix) follows his civilian identity in a seedy '80s version of Gotham. Martin Scorsese's films, including Taxi Driver, portrayed Arthur's journey into madness, making him one of the most remembered comic book films in recent memory.

Despite mixed reviews and his panic at the time that the film would incite violence in the real world, "Joker" was a box office success, earning him over $1 billion on a budget of $62.5 million. Additionally, the film garnered a whopping 11 Oscar selecting and two wins, with Phoenix following the late Heath Ledger in winning an acting Oscar for his entertaining skills as Batman's nemesis. And acclaim made a follow-up fight in Gotham seem inevitable.

The official announcement came in June when director Todd Phillips posted an image of the sequel's script on Instagram. "Joker: Forri-a-Do." The subtitle, French for "madness for two," seemed to promise a crazy sequel, and every development since then has made the world of cinema tense. While the plot remains heavily classified, here's what we know about Phoenix's second appearance as the comics' most iconic villain.

It's Hitting Theaters In 2024

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“Folie à Deux” is set to air in theaters on Oct. 4, 2024. Notably, that date is five years from the day of the actual movie's theatrical premiere.

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Joaquin Phoenix And Todd Phillips Are Both Returning

Of course, "Joker" wouldn't be complete without Joker, and Phoenix will reprise his Oscar-winning role in "Folía Deux." The actor is getting a big raise for the sequel; after making $4.5 million in the original, the movie made him $20 million.

Phillips will also direct the film and co-write the screenplay with Scott Silver. Zazie Beetz, who played Arthur's neighbor Sophie in the first film, is reportedly in talks to reprise her role in the sequel.

Lady Gaga Will Play The Female Lead

After making headlines for her excessive approach to the devilish part of Patrizia Reggiani in "house of Gucci," girl Gaga is taking on what is positive to be a further unhinged position. The pop star will play the girl lead contrary to Phoenix in her third lead movie function after "Gucci," and the 2018 premiere of "a star is Born."

Lady Gaga reportedly plays the character of Harley Quinn, first created in 1992's Batman: The Animated Series. Depicted as the Joker's psychiatrist who takes part in the criminal activities of The Joker, in recent years, the character has moved beyond his abusive relationship with the clown to assert himself as an independent villain. If the rumored role is true, Gaga's portrayal of the character has appeared in "Suicide Squad," "Birds of Prey," "Suicide Squad," and the HBO Max series "Hurley," by Margot Robbie. Followed by three live-action appearances on ".Quinn," pronounced Kaley Cuoco.

On Aug. 4, Gaga said on the film for the first time by sharing an animated musical trailer on Twitter. A clip set to the instrumental "Cheek to Cheek" features outlines of Phoenix and Gaga dancing and hugging.

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Brendan Gleeson, Catherine Keener, And Jacob Lofland Also Join

Brendan Gleeson will join Gaga in the film, although there is no news about his role. Expect the praised Irish actor to add his sign gravitas to the maddening tale. Catherine Keener and Jacob Lofland will also join "Joker 2" in undisclosed key roles. did.

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It's A Musical

As a tribute to the original film that no one came for, Lady Gaga's casting message came with the announcement that "Fore a Dou" will be a musical. It remains to be seen if Gaga will provide music like A Star Is Born.

There Will Be No Connection To "The Batman" Or "Justice League"

While much of "Fore-a-Do" remains a mystery, fans can be assured that the film will remain in a standalone world. And this year's Matt Reeves-directed Batman and Robert Pattinson stepped in to play the caped crusader, meaning the movie probably has nothing to do with the DC Extended Universe.

In interviews, including one with Variety on the red carpet of the original film's premiere in 2019, Phillips said his "Joker" world is a character self that has nothing to do with the broader slate of DC cinema. I made it clear that it is a complete interpretation. That said, while we can't yet rule out Batman appearing in Forri-a-Do, it's safe to say that it's not Affleck or Pattinson under the hood.

As for versions of the Joker that could appear in other movies, Zack Snyder's 2021 Justice League cut sees Jared Leto reprise his portrayal of the Suicide Squad villain and Barry Keoghan as the Shadow Prisoner of Arkham in Batman. Made a brief cameo appearance as Asylum with the familiar laughter. Affleck and Pattinson will play Affleck in the upcoming movie The Flash and Pattinson in the untitled Batman sequel. Leto or Kogan may appear as versions of the Joker in the future.

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