Hugh Jackman regrets not working with Robert Downey

Hugh Jackman regrets not working with Robert Downey

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Hugh Jackman for the win

Hugh is the most loved actor in Hollywood. Even though he is an Australian actor, he became famous for the character Wolverine in the X-Men Series.
The series ran from 2007-2017 in the form of Logan. After he played the character for almost 17 years, Hugh announced his retirement from the character. He said he wouldn't play the Wolverine anymore. Fans were left devastated by his decisions. But Hugh Jackman left everyone speechless after he announced his comeback in Deadpool 3.

A long time back, Hugh Expressed his interest in working with Robert Downey in Avengers.

Besides the XMen series, Hugh has been a part of other movies and TV shows known as Paperback Hero, Scoop, The Fountain, Flushed Away, and the Secret Fan.

The release of X-Men: Days of Future Past

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Hugh said he wished to fight it out with Iron Man, played by Robert Downey, and kick his butt.

During a promotional event for his movie, Hugh was heard saying. He would like to mix it up with Robert Downey Jr. It would be great to kick Iron Man's butt. He said the consistency is great, and even fans would like it.

Imagine if it happened in the past. It would be a great treat for all the Avengers and Dead Pool fans. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope it comes to life.

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Hugh Jackman Won’t retire

Hugh Jackman was news when he spoke about his plans to retire from his character of Wolverine. He said he was watching Deadpool, which had only been 20 minutes. Jackman recalls announcing his retirement as Logan was going to be his last. He even totally intended it. Hugh was driving at the beach during mid-August. He was a week off the show. It had been in 8-9 months, and Hugh felt like he wanted to do that. It was enough for Hugh to realize.

So now that Hugh Jackman is on the floor do you wish to see the iconic fight between Wolverine and Iron Man? Let's hope that happens for all the fans.

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