General Hospital spoilers for the week of August 15: The jury renders a verdict

General Hospital spoilers for the week of August 15: The jury renders a verdict

An Exciting week ahead

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Trina, at last, learns her destiny as Nina and Carly get into a physical altercation. Furthermore, Willow gets destroying news, Ava and Nik work with somebody surprising to safeguard themselves, another upsetting memory sets off Elizabeth, and Mason compromises Austin.

Victor wants to know about Esme

Portia effectively wakes Oz as the jury declares their decision in Trina's preliminary. In addition, Liz issues Finn a final proposal, and Nikolas lets Victor know that Esme's dead.

Everybody worries about Elizabeth and what's been the deal with her. At the point when Finn and Terry examine what is happening, keep thinking about whether they'll likewise discuss the most concerning issue with the story and show to be specific, the pacing.

As this is working out, Trina anticipates news about her situation's decision tensely. Spencer winds up settling on an amazingly tough decision. In the interim, Nikolas could battle to address Victor's inquiries concerning Esme! If you have fingers to cross, do it now by Curtis and Portia as they dare to dream that their arrangement works!

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Carly and Drew- Friends with benefits

The eagerly awaited day is finally here. Will the jury understand Trina is blameless, or will the terrible plan Esme put into high gear months prior demonstrate fruitfully?

Olivia's been observing as a passive spectator and regards herself as contemplating whether Carly and Drew's companionship could before long be the sort that accompanies quite certain advantages. Somewhere else, Sonny and Nina cut out time for a heartfelt date. Dex is interrogated concerning his past. Willow's been dreading the most obviously terrible, and she will get pulverizing news.

Ava and Nikolas want to protect themselves

Spencer is simply now starting to think again. With the walls surrounding them, Ava and Nikolas work with somebody somewhat unforeseen to safeguard themselves. Is it an occurrence that this happens similarly as Jordan starts investigating Esme's evaporating act?

At the point when Willow needs a sounding board, TJ is there to give it. Prepare the popcorn since things are going to get both frightful and physical among Nina and Carly.

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Anna's plan with Lucy

Victor appears not entirely settled on disposing of Anna. Could Valentin at any point persuade his homicide-disapproved father that she is not a danger to his groundbreaking strategy? In the interim, Anna concocts another arrangement with Lucy, who could before long get an earful from Martin concerning the new person Cody.

Stream Lynn is going to help out Chase where his vocation is concerned. Having never met a dead pony she wasn't willing to beat, Maxie has a go at persuading Britt that she ought to allow Cody one more opportunity. Does any other individual get anxious at whatever point Brook Lynn attempts to "help" her studly could-be lover?

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Britt confronts Cody

Over a significant period, Elizabeth might be on a crash course after Finn contacts somebody. Things were going pretty great for Dante and Sam in any event when they weren't hanging out at the Metro Court pool. So for what reason does he stress that he could have wrecked things?

Will Alexis and Gregory's most recent experience think that they are battling or being a tease? Of course, these two are essentially the same thing. Austin sets along with a relative up to define a few firm limits. When Britt goes up against Cody, will sparkles fly, or has the extension between them previously caught fire?

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