From Bella Hadid's Spray on Coperni ensemble to Kim Kardashian's iconic Marilyn Monroe outfit

From Bella Hadid's Spray on Coperni ensemble to Kim Kardashian's iconic Marilyn Monroe outfit

Updated on January 02, 2023 19:23 PM by Michael Davis

The 2022 fashion show further consolidated the fact that fashion gets people talking. Several West Hollywood stars looked their fashionable best on the red carpet at film/show premieres, fashion shows, and more over the past 360 days, including Rihanna, Jenna Ortega, Kim Kardashian, and many others - and we gave them thumbs up from us.

Several fashion statements look was seen at Paris Fashion Week 2022, the Met Gala 2022, and Rihanna's pregnancy announcement. There have been dozens of jaw-droppings and eyebrow-raising outfits that Hollywood divas have worn for several days following their debuts, but here are the ones that made everyone talk for a few days.

Paris Fashion Week with Bella Hadid

(Image Credits: The New York Times)

Copernic's Spring 2023 show at Paris Fashion Week featured Bella Hadid walking in nothing more than a bikini bottom, and her appearance stole the show.

As she was posing in front of the hundreds of people at the show, a dress was spray painted on her in real-time, creating one of the most iconic moments in history.

There was a lot of discussion about Bella's off-the-shoulder dress, with some questioning whether anyone would wear the outfit.

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She is a real beauty, Julia Fox

She has the talent to do it all. In 2022, the model raised eyebrows with her numerous looks - particularly that black one. With short skirts, a barely there bandeau top, and stylish layers covering them, Julia knew how to stay in the spotlight and make fashion a conversational topic.

2022 Met Gala: Kim Kardashian

(Image Credits: Artnet News)

The look Kim Kardashian donned at the 2022 MET Gala that Tom, Dick, and Harry discussed was her ensemble for posing for the paparazzi. Ms. Kimberly walked the red carpet in Marilyn Monroe's iconic dress to the much-looked-for fashion event of the year, the one she wore to congratulate John F. Kennedy in 1962.

Ripley's Believe It or Not says Kim looked like a million bucks in her dress. As photos surfaced showing she had damaged the dress, the dress became a topic of discussion for nearly $5 million.

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Their pregnancy looks like Rihanna's

Whenever Rihanna steps out, she makes the news, and as they announce the news they were expecting, she is no different. The news alone caused a lot of conversation, but she also caught the eye of her outfit – a pair of light blue jeans and a pink Chanel coat that was unbuttoned so that she displayed her pregnant belly to the world. Despite her swollen belly, Rihanna's entire fashion line had something to discuss, not just this look.

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At the 2022 Met Gala, Blake Lively

(Image Credits: Fashionista)

In 2022, Blake Lively's look caught the world's attention at the MET Gala for all the right reasons. The soon-to-be mother of three arrived at the gala in a glamorous gown and looked stunning and radiant in front of hundreds. The actress walked up the iconic Met Museum steps in a shimmering rose gold gown with an extravagant bow - an homage to Manhattan's intricate architecture and the Empire State Building.

In the transformation, her rose-hued gloves were removed to reveal matching blue ones beneath, and her skirt bow turned into a cascading blue train inspired by the constellation decor of Grand Central. The seven-tier crown symbolized the Statue of Liberty's seven rays.

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