R. Kelly, And A$AP Before The Announcement On Tiktok, Rocky And His Son Go On A Beach Date

R. Kelly, And A$AP Before The Announcement On Tiktok, Rocky And His Son Go On A Beach Date

Updated on December 19, 2022 10:44 AM by Andrew Koschiev

Friday was spent on a romantic beach date by Rihanna and A$AP Rocky with their little boy in Malibu, California, in advance of their first public appearance with him.

As they took care to keep their 7-month-old warm, the 34-year-old rapper of "Praise the Lord" and the 34-year-old singer of "Diamonds" were observed acting like loving parents.

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Considering that there was a camera team there, it seems possible that the family was taking scenic photos.

In a flowing black dress with a cut that showed off her long legs, Rihanna looked gorgeously attired. Her hair was set loose to flow in the wind and groomed with its natural texture.

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The kid of the couple was mostly topless and wearing black bottoms, while Rocky was dressed in a vest, pair of pants, and a jacket made entirely of black leather.

The rapper from "F-kin' Problems" seemed overjoyed as he held his young baby with pleasure.

The unnamed kid is also the first child of parents Rocky and Rihanna.

After a highly publicized pregnancy, the couple delivered their baby in May.

They have chosen to keep their child hidden from the world since his birth, but only until Saturday.

Rihanna uploaded a cute video of her child in a car seat in her very first TikTok video.

Are you attempting to dial Mommy's number? Once the infant has the phone, the singer of "Oh, wow," can be heard from the song "We Found Love. Oh, wow."

It's unknown if Rihanna decided to make her son public after photographers captured her family at the beach the day before.

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