Everything You Need To Know About Wednesday Netflix

Everything You Need To Know About Wednesday Netflix

Updated on December 16, 2022 13:58 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Good News! Wednesday is on Netflix now. It is kooky, spooky, and mysterious, directed by Tim Burton and the main character, played by Jenna Ortega, with the favorite parent bond of Morticia Addams and Gomez. Tim Burton’s first show aired in late November 2022. 

Jenna Ortega is the famous actress who appeared in a black-and-white outfit in Wednesday Addams. Her latest version of the role arrived with her brush shoulders of Yellowjackets, staring Christina Ricci to the ideal portrayal of Wednesday in the early 90s. Her death-obsessed teen, macabre-loving and gothic family is back in upcoming Wednesday, Season 2.

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About Wednesday

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Wednesday is a peculiar mix of mystery, horror, fantasy, and comedy that has been explained foremost and first in the coming-of-age series. Its eight episodes followed the Addams first-year student in Nevermore Academy. The first chapter describes her attempts to excel in the emerging skills and psychic ability and solve the mystic mystery that navigates around the tangled and new relationship at Nevermore.

Season 1 of Wednesday finished with a massive twist and various cliffhangers that will explore and reveal many questions needed in the upcoming second season. Jenna Ortega played Wednesday Addams, who is allergic to color and wickedly skeptical and tries to excel over her psychic insights in the Nevermore Academy. However, it is a side-tracked through a terrifying menace.

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Is Wednesday, Season 2, on Netflix?

Wednesday will come to Netflix on 23rd November with all ‘eight’ episodes that will launch worldwide. Its former series was a big hit on a streaming platform that holds the maximum number of hours views in a week in English-language with 341.2 million hours, beating the records of ‘Stranger Things.’   

Netflix has shown its full-length trailers, and the co-showrunners of Al Gough and Miles Millar have decided to plan Wednesday for making its four seasons. Millar said, ‘We believed that we just tried to touch the bottom surface with amazing characters and the artists are performing well in their assigned roles.’

As of now, there is no trailer released for Wednesday, Season 2. So, it would be best if you kept surfing and manifesting. 

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