Eminem's Feud with Moby check out the details here

Eminem's Feud with Moby check out the details here

Updated on December 19, 2022 15:43 PM by Michael Davis

After Moby made remarks criticizing the rapper Eminem in the early 2000s, things between them swiftly became problematic. Here is a glance at what happened. 

Eminem and his controversial lyrics

Eminem was renowned for penning several lyrics that were quite contentious, and Particularly Moby did not appreciate a lot of Eminem's writing at the time. That is understandable, considering that parts of the rapper's lyrics were extremely disrespectful to minorities, even though it is clear that he didn't mean them literally. Moby decided to express himself at the Grammys.

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Moby criticized Eminem's lyrics

During Moby's Grammy speech, he called Eminem a homophobe and even addressed him as racist and misogynist. Eminem wasn't happy about his statement, so a feud between them ignited.

Eminem released two songs insulting Moby

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Eminem held onto what Moby said for a while. Instead, he repeatedly reacted and made their conflict the subject of one of his most well-known songs, the classic "Without Me." He specifically targets Moby and even makes a video mocking him. 

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Eminem's usage of filthy lyrics

The song's lyrics included derogatory remarks about Moby, described him as old and implied that no one listened to his music, and made an offensive remark about what Moby could do for Eminem.

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Eminem failed to insult Moby

Although it wasn't much of a response to Moby's homophobia claim, it undoubtedly had an effect. However, if the intention was to enrage Moby, he failed miserably because the musician found it amusing and killed the insulter with kindness.

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Moby's sweet revenge

After the song was released, Moby called him as he is not just misogyny and homophobic but also an amazing rapper, and he congratulated him for the same. Moby even thanked Eminem for giving him free publicity with "Mosh" and "Without Me" songs and called them his favorite.

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Eminem's tit-for-tat

During Video Music Awards in 2002, Eminem returned his gift by insulting Moby with a threat, and the audience disapproved of it.

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Eminem felt bad for his feud

These threats got Moby a bit concerned, and he wasn't much worried about Eminem, but Eminem still regrets being rude to him and wishes he should have handled Moby differently. 

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