Dr. Dre Joked, People Loved The Reactions Of Hailie And Eminem

Dr. Dre Joked, People Loved The Reactions Of Hailie And Eminem

Updated on December 19, 2022 16:06 PM by Laura Mendes

Folks are taking pleasure in the responses of a rapper, Eminem, and his daughter, Hailie, when Dr. Dre made a joke about his old lyrics. The rapper was initiated into the 'Rock & Roll Hall of Fame' by Dr. Dre once his mentor and friend decided to make fun of his one old lyric. 

One of Dr. Dre's comments emphasized the lyrics of a 2000 album named, 'The Marshall Mathers LP,' through which some people stared at him while others were at Eminem's mother.

What did Dr. Dre joke About?

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Dr. Dre said, 'The Marshall Mathers LP falls down, on that album alone. He had sex with his mother, slayed his daughter's mother again at the time of proceeding to offend about special interest group'. 

Folks loved his reaction to Eminem once Dr. Dre stated that he had sex with his mother. Until the point in Dr. Dre's speech, the rapper applauded alongside but stopped clapping when he listened to what was being said.

He took his hands up to gain attention and roared it 'twice' while Hailie, the daughter, quaked her head.

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Plenty of Folks Got Shy After the Joke

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 Many reckoned folks 'got shy after the joke' as he was sitting right behind his daughter at that time and recalled that he is Eminem and wanted to say something. Others joked he went from Eminem's father to slender and shady within three seconds.  

Other people believed Hailie's shaking her head looked funny, and her father made it 'the greatest duo.' Folks discovered the moment of daughter/father reactions were amazingly funny. 

Eminem's mother has been pointed out in the music a few times, which caused hitches to the rapper in the past. Hit songs like 'My Name Is,' there is a lyric that says, 'my mom smokes more drug than I do.' In contrast, in the track 'Cleanin Out My Closet,' witnesses about 'momma popping prescription pills at the kitchen.' 

In that song, he felt apologized for 'Cleanin' Out my closet,' rapping that he showed anger when he made it and cringed each time it was on the radio. 

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