Disney+ Series,'National Treasure: Edge of History' Indicates A Coded Message In Each Poster

Disney+ Series,'National Treasure: Edge of History' Indicates A Coded Message In Each Poster

Updated on December 06, 2022 12:31 PM by Andrew Koschiev

We are familiar that several thrilling shows will be streaming on Disney+ by the end of 2022 with a boom. Among those series, 'National treasure: Edge of History' is an ideal franchise property that premieres on 14th December on online platforms. 

Disney+ discovered the posters of new characters, allowing the fans to catch glimpses of the new classic group of treasure hunters. One of the best things in such a franchise is that each poster tells an encrypted clue to the larger message. 

The 'Seven' posters of new characters are Lisette Olivera's Valenzuela/Jess Morales, Catherine Zeta-Jones' Billie Pearce, Tasha Rivers of Zuri Reed, Jake Austin Walker, Jordan Rodrigues, Antonio Cipriano, and Lyndon Smith.

Each character performed the roles that were associated with them. The characters are Billie as 'The Truth Keeper,' Tasha as 'The Specialist,' Jess as 'The Truth Seeker,' Ethan as 'The Skeptic,' Liam as 'The Wild Card,' Ross as 'The Law' and Oren as 'The Believer.' 

Fun and Simple Poster Catch The Adventurous Thrill Of Viewers 

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The posters seem like normal descriptors to the uninitiated and the naked eye, but it adds a new coating to these images. Its letters depict a large message. For instance, 'TR' as truth is highlighted for Billie, whereas 'U' is highlighted for Jess. The order in posters is 'TRUSEERA' though when you decrypt, it spells out' TREASURE.'
These posters are easy and fun to fascinate the fans with the highlighted letters from recalling the scene from the first 'National Treasure' in which Riley got a kid to assist him in encrypting the memo on 'The Declaration of Independence.
This series, from all trailers, marketing, and posters, has captured the franchise's daring thrill, which will feature a new gang of explorers, played by Jess, with the helping hand of the legacy character 'Riley Poole,' played by Justin Bartha. 
In a classic franchise, Billie and Jess are on a quest for 'three' mysterious boxes, which lead to a secret lost treasure uttered by Jess' dad when she was younger. 

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Edge of History Assures An Entertaining Comeback, full of Puzzles

Like in the former franchise entries, the new segment is based on legacy and family. It's all about experiences we face from where Jess comes with the thrill of receiving treasure first. National Treasure: Edge of History assures a highly entertaining comeback, full of traps, puzzles, and limitless clues. 
It will show another side of American history with the contribution of the Mexican-American war. Above all, the series will be thrilling to see Nicolas Cage, who used to lead films, given the supporting role of Riley in the latest adventure. 
Harvey Keitel will be back in the franchise as 'FBI agent Sadusky.' National Treasure: Edge of History starts premiering on Disney+ along with its two episodes, starting on 14th December. Meanwhile, fans can view the posters of mysterious characters played in Edge of History. 

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